Which Calgary Public Art is Making a Splash?

Posted by Justin Havre on Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014 at 5:06pm.

Vessel - Calgary Public ArtCalgary is showing new signs of life. An Artscape has invaded the city. A special makeover took over the existing stations last winter. The public art showcased captivates city goers from all around. The art is accessible, whether you’re riding a train, bus or taxi and the projects are on display 24/7.

Luminous Crossings at City Hall Station

City Hall Station is best seen coming nightfall. The light displays are timed to change with arriving and departing trains. At the entrance towers stand tall and the hanging sculptures will greet you while riding the transit. Calgary’s public art project has revamped the City Hall Station into an arts site.

Recollections, Topiary and Topiary Quilts at McKnight-Westwinds Station

You’ll find past photos are etched into the columns. You might feel nostalgic because this place in-and-of-itself is a time capsule. In the plaza, artistic imagery symbolizes the connection between nature and civilization. In the parking lot, beautiful quilts are found.

Skywalk at Canyon Meadows Station

When you come here, you’ll always see blue skies no matter the prevailing weather conditions. You can’t help but notice the 14-panel depiction of the Chinook skies. You also must take a stroll over the walkway. When you do, you can see the really blue skies.

Transit Story at Centre Street Station

You’ll never be lonely at the Centre Street Station. The series of colourful steel sculptures of transit riders will always keep you company. You must head downtown, to the core of the city and take a closer peek at these quiet riders to get a look at the fine art details.

Visiting Calgary has never been a finer sight. Public art showcases itself any day of the week, at any time. Seeing the city’s Artscape is certainly something you can’t and won’t want to miss.

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