Which Burgers are New in Calgary?

Posted by Justin Havre on Friday, July 31st, 2015 at 9:03am.

Burger - Image Credit: https://pixabay.com/en/users/innitech-1011046/

Every now and then, a new restaurant opens with something worth trying. Sometimes, the thing you try is worth trying again and again. If you're looking for something new in Calgary, try one of these new burgers.

Going Burger from Nu Burger

A place with a very interesting concept, Nu Burger offers something new you should certainly try. It's the Going Burger, which is made with grass-fed beef, grilled tofu, shitake mushrooms, teriyaki sauce, wasabi mayo and ginger chips. It's a bit odd, but it's also quite delicious.

One18 Burger from One18 Empire

This restaurant is a re-conceived place found inside the 9th Avenue Marriott. They provide all kinds of meat options, but the One18 Burger is the best. It's a hand-ground Kobe beef burger with the perfect blend of toppings.

Bacon Bandit from Bandit Burger

A bacon-lover's dream, this burger provides plenty of excellent flavours. It's a great replacement for the old Alley Burger, which stopped running a few years ago. The burger is made of ground pork, and ground bacon. Then, it's topped with fried cheese, bandit sauce, slaw and tomatoes. If you've ever wondered what bacon would be like as a burger, this is the one to try.

BBQ Chip Burger from Oak Tree Tavern

A burger with aged cheddar, horseradish barbeque sauce and tabasco potato chips, this is certainly one to try. Oak Tree Tavern is already popular for many reasons, but this new burger may be the reason even more people come in for lunch or dinner.

California Turkey Burger from the Libertine

If you don't eat beef or you just prefer a turkey burger, this is certainly one to try. It's topped with guacamole, tomato, pineapple, mayo and Havarti to make it a beautiful burger on top of a brioche bun.

There are many new burgers popping up in Calgary, but none like the ones you will find on this list. Give them all a try and find your new favourite.

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