Where Can You Volunteer in Calgary This Year?

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Volunteering in CalgaryThe settling of today’s Calgary in Alberta, Canada relied upon the ability of early homesteaders to support each other and create tight communities. Activities such as donating food or helping build a house are only some of the activities that were done in the past and continue to be volunteer opportunities today. Volunteerism is important to many of those who reside in or visit the city of Calgary.

Many non-profit organizations in Calgary depend on volunteers for events and on a regular basis. Whether you want to volunteer weekly or just once a year, there are plenty of places you can volunteer in Calgary. Here are some of the top choices for this year.

All are welcome to support their neighbors and the community of Calgary. However, those new to the area may need guidance on organizations looking for volunteers.

Learn more about volunteering in Calgary and get started today.

Volunteer Opportunities in Calgary

Go solo, come with a friend or take the family. Volunteering is a great way to meet like-minded Calgary residents making efforts to improve their local community and support neighbors in need. Explore some great volunteer organizations in the Calgary area.


A five-day festival specific to science, art and engineering, this event always needs volunteers. The events are held in September and many Calgarians come out to enjoy the fun.

Volunteers are needed on many different crews including the social media crew, photography crew, Swiss watch crew and more. Volunteers for Beakerhead is open to everybody and the hours can range from as many to as few as you want. Volunteers are needed all year long, but mainly in January, February, May and June. Find out more at beakerhead.com/get-involved/join-a-crew.

Distress Centre

Offering 24-hour crisis support to those needing help in the area, the Distress Centre is always looking for volunteers. You can work a total of 48 shifts a year, after three weeks of comprehensive training. Each shift is 4.25 hours long and volunteers are needed all throughout the year. Find out more at distresscentre.com/get-involved/volunteer-opportunities/.

KidSport Calgary

Maybe you enjoy sports and working with kids. If you do, you can volunteer to help this organization throughout the year. They provide volunteer positions in many different areas from grant writing to graphic design. Find out more at kidsportcalgary.ca.

4 Ways to Make a Difference Volunteering in Calgary

Calling all animal lovers! Plenty of animals need love and attention as they wait for a forever home. The Positive Animal Wellness Support (PAWS Pal) program is looking for people who want to socialize adoptable dogs and cats. While the program can reach capacity at times, the application process can re-open. Volunteers find significant satisfaction in helping animals become better adoption candidates.

Lend a hand with Calgary Neighbourhoods. Volunteers are offered full training and can participate in helping seniors keep up their home in the Paint the Town project, or take part in exciting children’s programs in the Park n’ Play programs. There is always someone that can benefit from the generosity of caring volunteers.

Support the individuals who are dedicated to serve and protect. Volunteers are needed to assist with programs offered by the Calgary Police Service. District offices, community police stations and the Victim Assistance Unit can all benefit from volunteer involvement. Enthusiastic individuals may want to learn more about the YouthLink Calgary Police Interpretive Centre that provides opportunities to work with kids and the public and arranges a number of special programs. Volunteers must be at least 18 years old to participate.

The Women’s Centre is a place where every woman can find support and connection. Women help other women, enabling them to feel valued. Diversity is welcomed. Men are also welcome to help with special projects. Volunteer opportunities include the Girl Power After School, the Practice English Volunteer, the Tax Volunteer Position and the Thursday Food Pick-Up Volunteer. Those who cannot currently volunteer are also invited to donate to support the work done at The Women’s Centre.

These are many ways to volunteer in Calgary. Do note that registration and training may be required for a volunteer position.

Other Calgary organizations you can volunteer for include:

Do More in Calgary

Positively impact Calgary neighbors, hone skills and get acquainted with community-minded individuals of all ages. Check out the volunteer options and experience the pleasure of giving back to Calgary residents and visitors.

Whether you want to volunteer for a few hours or on a regular basis, there are plenty of non-profits in Calgary you can help. These are just a few of the most popular choices.

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