What tool will assemble new Ikea expansion in Calgary

Posted by Justin Havre. on Wednesday, June 15th, 2016 at 3:49pm.

How many Allen Keys will they use when they assemble the $15 million addition of Calgary’s IKEA store?

The furniture and accessory giant is set to expand its Calgary store in Deerfoot Meadows by the end of next year, which means they will also hire additional staff to man the retail/warehouse operation.

In a media interview with Postmedia on June 14, the president of Ikea in Canada, Stefan Sjostrand spoke of the expansion plans which will see an extra 27,000 square feet added to the footprint of the store.  Sjostrand suggested that 135 jobs will be added to the employee roster at Ikea once the 18-month project is completed.

Sales in our province are doing well, with the numbers up by 5% over the past year despite the current downturn in Alberta.  Sjostrand attributes that upward trend to the fact that more folks are entertaining in their homes and Ikea’s prices are budget-friendly.

He told media that with less money in their wallets, Ikea’s low price points and higher quality is what Albertans are looking for

Celebrating Ikea’s Canadian Anniversary

It’s been 40 years since the Swedish company arrived in Canada.  The expansion at the Calgary store is just one of the many investments Ikea is making across the country.  In fact, in addition to the 12 stores nation-wide, Ikea has committed to double the number of stores within the next 10 years.   So far, the plans are to add stores in the Maritimes and in Eastern Canada.  Some locations will be mini-Ikeas, and with the smaller square footage and warehouse space are looking to provide service for online shoppers and to provide showrooms rather than stock inventory onsite.

Sjostrand said that Canadians have expressed surprise than in the past 40 years only a dozen stores have opened in the country, but Ikea’s goal to be accessible to Canadian customers will happen at their own pace.

Environmentally responsible

In Alberta this week, Sjostrand will tour the company’s wind farm located by Pincher Creek.  It was purchased three years ago and provides 161 gigawatt hours of power annually.  The facility was acquired by Ikea as the company has a mandate to be more environmentally sustainable and the output of the wind farm is twice the amount of electricity currently used by all 12 stores in Canada.

Further to this mandate, Ikea has promised to put $1.5 Euros into fighting climate change globally and in the next four years wants to be independent of energy sources.  When the Halifax location opens in the next few years, it will feature a solar voltaic system on the store’s roof and will rely on geothermal temperature control.

With incentives for renewable energy from the Province, Ikea hopes to investigate other options for wind or solar power as they relate to the company’s green planes.  Sjostrand met with the provincial energy minister on his stop to discuss the company’s future plans.

Who doesn’t have something from Ikea in their home?

The Ikea store in Calgary has 1.5 million customers come through their doors every year.  In total, 28 million people visit an Ikea store in Canada every year.

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