What to Expect inside the New Goodlife Fitness Centre?

Posted by Justin Havre on Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015 at 2:01pm.

Gym - Image Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/spine/546150140

In the Goodlife Fitness Centre you will find a gym unlike anything you have seen before. There is some beautiful architecture to look at while you work out. The building was a bank that was designed by a Montreal architect who built over 100 Canadian banks. The restoration of the building allowed the fitness centre to open and offer amazing amenities to their members.

What to Expect

There is high end equipment, exercise classes, and personal trainers. There are thirty five feet high ceilings and columns that have a golden leaf pattern on them. They used gold leaf to restore the ceiling and kept the original chandeliers.

One of the Most Breathtaking Gyms in the World

It is truly one of the most beautiful gyms in the world. The walls have Neo Classic panels that were painted with gold color. The restoration was not easy and it took a long time but it was worth it to bring Goodlife to life. Most of the marble handrails were original because they were still in good shape. The original vault doors are still there but have been secured in the open position.

There is another vault that was turned into a men's locker room. The clock above the gorgeous solid brass entrance was restored to work because the rules of restoration would not allow it to leave the building.

Plenty of History and a Great Gym

There is quite a bit of history preserved in the Goodlife Fitness Centre building and it makes it a place people want to work out in. That’s a far cry from some of the gyms you might have been a member of. With all the amenities of any other gym and a gorgeous décor it truly is one of the nicest gyms in the world. It is no surprise Goodlife Fitness Centre is recommended frequently any time someone in the area is looking for a gym.

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