What are the Calgary Zoo Statues All About?

Posted by Justin Havre on Tuesday, April 7th, 2015 at 8:06am.

Ganesh Statue Calgary Zoo - Image Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/kellyoyo/3422052879

When most people think about the Calgary Zoo they think about the animatronic dinosaurs that have recently been introduced at the Zoo. Many of them completely overlook some of the more permanent fixtures that have been on the grounds for years. Here’s a look at many of the Calgary Zoo Statues.

Just A Taste

This statue has been on the grounds since 1983. It represents an all too common and very real moment for anyone who has a sibling who loves to get a taste of anything they have. John Seward Johnson Jr., who just happens to be an heir to the Johnson & Johnson fortune, is behind this wonderful piece of art. He is also responsible for two other statues that can be found on zoo grounds. The Winner and So The Bishop Said to the Actress.

Pair of Penguins

If you take the north side entrance you will be greeted by the pair of penguins statue. This statue was built by F & D Scene Changes. They are also behind Destination Africa and the Penguin Plunge. If you happen to notice a giant blue egg right outside the parking lot, they are behind that as well.

Dancing Elephant

This particular statue was donated by an anonymous donor back in 2006. It took an entire year to make and was made using Indian black granite. The purpose of the statue was to first honour the donor's father, and to secondly show the link between the pan Asian culture and elephants. Lotus Sculpture is the company who sculpted this statue. If you love it, you can purchase your own for only $12,000.

The Lion

The Lion statue is somewhat of a mystery. No one from the zoo's staff knows when this statue was unveiled or where it came from. Either way, it is a very beautiful statue that was created with great attention to detail.

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