Tips for Designing an Efficient Home Office

Posted by Justin Havre on Monday, July 15th, 2019 at 10:45am.

A well-organized home office requires privacy, comfort and technology.Working from home has become not only possible, but increasingly common, across all fields and in all parts of the world. With the reliability of high-tech communication, and a growing trend toward decentralization in commerce, more and more employees work at home at least part of the work week.

If you work from home, even if only for a few hours each week, a dedicated work space is a decided benefit. An attempt to concentrate on business while family life swirls around you will usually be less than successful.

In order to make working from home a viable option, both aesthetics and efficiency should be considered. Soundproofing your home office may also be necessary. Design of the work space is a strategic benefit and a priority. The space need not be large, but it should be comfortable, attractive, and well-organized. Here are some tips to make the home's office as efficient as its corporate counterpart.

Define Your Priorities

When setting up a home office, the three primary requirements are privacy, efficiency, and proper lighting. Depending on the specific type of work you will be doing, there might also be a need for storage, resource materials and specialized equipment . Aside from those basics, the space can be as small as a well-ventilated closet, or occupy the better part of an entire level, such as a renovated basement or attic. Finally, if you anticipate meeting clients or coworkers in your Home office, there is a need for comfortable seating, and a clear path from the entry to the workspace.

Plan for Comfort and Quiet

No matter what type of work you plan to do, creature comfort is important. In addition to a well-organized work surface, ergonomic seating or another option that suits your personal needs, natural light as well as directed task lighting, access to fresh air and a pleasant view, and a growing plant to provide oxygen will all make your workday more pleasant.

The Right Technology

High speed internet access is a given, for almost any home office. Also consider the need for a router to facilitate multiple devices and boost signal strength, charging stations, adequate plug-in capability and surge protectors for printers and ancillary equipment. Your team may also require managed IT services

Set Boundaries

When the work day ends, you should be able to close the office door, mentally if not physically, and go home. Delineating the boundaries between your workaday world and your Cranston home life is vital. A well-planned home office will allow that.

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