The Value of Adding a Deck to Your Home

Posted by Justin Havre on Monday, April 29th, 2019 at 10:56am.

Adding a deck brings value even to Canadian homes. Read some examplesIt is understandable if adding a deck is not at the top of many Canadian homeowner's lists. Summers tend to be shorter and the time to enjoy them limited. With a little consideration, however, adding a deck can add real value to a home and help when planning to sell a home. Whether it is a smaller, straight-forward single level deck or a large, complex, multi-level deck designed for dining and socializing, here are several ways a deck can add value to any home.

Decks Have High Return on Investment

According to Remodeling Magazine's annual Cost vs Value Reports, adding a wood deck usually adds 75-80% of its cost to the value of a home. That means adding a deck that costs $10,000 will immediately add up to $8,000 to the value of a home. This is a value above and beyond the enjoyment and beauty a deck can add to a home. Decks frequently rank near the top of annual home improvements with the highest ROI.

They Encourage Families Take Better Advantage of Outdoor Space

It can be a real eye-opener to see how the addition of a deck immediately encourages families to spend more time together in the outdoors. From enjoying coffee and breakfast in the mornings to a cookout or cocktails in the evening, space that once went mostly unused suddenly becomes valuable and useable. Adding a table, umbrellas and lounge chairs can make it the perfect place to decompress, share events of the day or relax with a book.

They Provide More Space for Entertaining

Some homes are more practical for entertaining than others. Those with smaller kitchens and limited entertaining space can benefit greatly from the addition of a deck. A deck adds a new dimension and opportunities for homeowners who may have been “entertaining challenged” in the past.

Lights Can be Added for Evening Use

Not only can decks add more useful outdoor space to a home, but the addition of lighting can also extend how long a deck can be used in the evenings. Modern, contemporary LED lighting can add a useful and dramatic effect to a deck area, and even be installed along steps and railings to add safety and security. Hanging overhead "old school” party lights can add a festive flair to any occasion.

It Can Maximize Enjoyment of Views

Many Canadian homes have exceptional views of lakes, mountains, forested areas, and even skylines. A deck can help homeowners take full advantage of these views, as opposed to just the occasional peek out a window. For those who have invested in a home with a view, a deck can help take full advantage of that investment.

Propane Heaters Make them More Useable in Cooler Weather

For those concerned about the limited use of deck space due to the relatively short Canadian summers, efficient propane heaters have been developed to make space much more comfortable. Many of these heaters have heating elements placed six feet or higher above the flooring, providing a top-down heating experience that can warm a reasonably large area. For large decks, multiple heaters can make the space much more enjoyable in the early spring and late in the fall.

Considerations When Adding a Deck

Homeowners will want to choose a deck that complements a home. Here are some tips.

  • Choose a deck of an appropriate size
  • If possible, make it accessible directly from indoor space
  • Select a complimentary stain or color
  • Choose materials, wood or composite, to fit your lifestyle
  • Choose a design based on how you will likely use your deck

A deck adds a unique quality to an Evergreen new home that can make it appealing when reselling. Think about all the potential benefits and consider adding a deck to enhance any home.

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