The Kitchen Is Key When Selling Your Calgary House

Posted by Justin Havre. on Monday, October 22nd, 2018 at 12:25pm.

How to Renovate Your KitchenKitchen remodeling projects can boost the value of a home and can also make the home more attractive to buyers. Because of this, kitchen remodeling projects are very popular among homeowners who want to sell their property in the next few years.

Remodeling can be a long and grueling process, depending on how much work is being done and how many people are doing the work. Knowing what to expect and how to get started with the process can help.

Make Kitchen Remodel Goals

Making goals can help ensure that the remodeling project stays on track. Common remodeling goals include:

  • Upgrade the appliances to low-flow models.
  • Make space for an eat-in table.
  • Install more counter space for making food.

With these goals in mind, homeowners can work to ensure that their kitchen remodel is focused on the work that needs to be done.

Do Research on the Quality of Different Materials

Homeowners must research and select the materials and products to be used in the remodeling process. When researching products and materials, homeowners should become familiar with the maintenance needs, durability, costs, environmental impact and appearance of the many products that they are considering buying.

Doing research helps homeowners to decide what they want to buy to install in their kitchen. Researching these products also helps homeowners to devise a budget. As they explore the various products, research helps homeowners to decide what needs to be bought and how much they can expect to spend.

Pick a Contractor for the Project

With so many qualified contractors available, many homeowners have a hard time deciding which one should be hired for their kitchen remodel. Many homeowners find it helps to interview at least three contractors before making a final choice. The lowest bid is not always the best bid. While it's important to pick a bid that falls within the homeowner's budget, contractors who dramatically under bid a job may be doing so by cutting corners that can impact the quality of the finished product.

Checking references and licensure is a good way for homeowners to choose between contractors. Many homeowners also find that it helps to get referrals from friends and family members who have remodeled their kitchen.

Sign a Contract

Contracts protect consumers from miscommunications with their contractor. Before signing a contract, the homeowner should first read the entire document. A typical contract will contain the start date, an itemized list of products to be purchased, payment schedule and information about how change orders will be handled. Often, the contract also contains information about the set up and clean up. If any of this information is missing from the contract, the homeowner should seek clarification before signing.

Set Up A Temporary Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so if the kitchen is going to be unusable for a long time during the remodel, many homeowners must set up a temporary kitchen in their garage or in another room of their home. Usually the temporary kitchen includes the refrigerator, a countertop oven, a small food preparation area and disposable dishes.

Once the remodeling process is underway and the temporary kitchen is set up, maintaining communication with the contractor is critical for ensuring that the job goes well. By checking in with the contractor regularly, the homeowner can help ensure that the remodel will go well.

Saving Money With Second-Hand Kitchen Furnishings

Here's a neat trick you may not have thought of before that can instantly save you hundreds if not a thousand or two off of your next kitchen project. If you're planning on changing your kitchen cabinets and cupboards, look for second-hand ones. It will save you a boatload of money and this spring there will be dozens of ads being placed to sell these cabinets cheap. If you're lucky you can even find homeowners that are giving them away!

Some people change their kitchens around as soon as they start to get bored with them .Many of the used cabinets are in fantastic shape and worth a lot!  Sometimes you can find real treasures out there like mahogany cabinets with glass doors that are worth a fortune.

Of course, you'll have to be able to find cabinets and cupboards that will fit into your kitchen easily, but in the spring they are a lot easier to find.

People from one end of Calgary to the other and homeowners on the outskirts of town will be remodeling their kitchens come spring and many will need to get rid of their old ones in a hurry. It can be quite difficult to find storage space for a complete set of under-the-counter cupboards or cabinets.

If you pick up a great deal on a set of kitchen cabinets that would fit right into your room you may want to consider setting the kitchen decor around the cabinets instead of planning the room and then trying to find kitchen cabinets to blend in.  After all, a deal is a deal, and if you've seen the cost of kitchen cabinets and cupboards recently, you can fully understand the cost factor involved.  They aren't selling for cheap!

If you're a born-at-heart bargain hunter you may find this to be a great idea. If you're the type of person that would prefer the newest styles direct from the showroom, and it is important to you to have something new installed, then this idea won't be at all appealing to you. That's okay; there are plenty of other money-saving renovation kitchen tips to pass along in future posts. Stay tuned!

Work With A Real Estate Agent

Homeowners who are remodeling their kitchen to make their home more appealing to buyers should maintain close contact with a real estate agent throughout the process. A good real estate agent can help homeowners to choose materials and colors that appeal to home buyers. This makes the home remodel more productive.

For more information about how to make their home more appealing to buyers, home owners can contact their real estate agent. Contact your real estate agent to get started today.

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