The East Village Revitalization Project Continues

Posted by Justin Havre. on Wednesday, March 4th, 2015 at 6:26pm.


A number of new development projects are in the works to help complete the East Village revitalization project. At one time this area was mainly a residential and commercial area but as time went by and the downtown started to move westward, the East End was pretty much neglected. The Calgary Municipal Land Corporation put together a revitalization plan in 2009 and ever since the area has been taking shape.

It's been 5 years since this plan was developed and a lot has happened during that time. Much needed restorations have been made to a number of heritage buildings, upgrades have been made to infrastructures, the underpass on 4th Street was opened and a wide variety r of new condo buildings were erected.

Most of the land that was available in the area, approximately 70%, has already been sold. This land will be developed into a shopping centre, a rental building, multi-family homes and much more. It's not hard to miss all of the new construction that is taking place with cranes looming in the air.

This year will be a busy time for new developments in East Village as the new Hilton Hotel starts its construction, the LRT tracks will be encapsulated and a variety of other projects will be underway or in the planning stages. Once it's all complete the East Village is expected to become one of the warmest neighborhoods in Calgary and will be home to approximately 12,000 residents by the year 2023.

The above video was compiled to show you what the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation has in store for the area. To learn more about the ongoing projects you can visit their official website for ongoing updates and further details.

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