The Changing Skyline of Downtown Calgary

Posted by Justin Havre. on Thursday, October 30th, 2014 at 8:01am.

With so many different construction projects on the go in downtown Calgary, it's easy to see the changes in the Calgary skyline. According to a graphic designer in the area, the Calgary Tower could be dwarfed by other buildings in 2024. This designer came to this conclusion after putting together an image based on proposed and approved projects as well as current construction projects.

Devin Henry, a Calgary graphic designer, has been creating images of the Calgary skyline for at least a decade. He'll spend up to 100 hours to put together a picture of what we can expect to see over the years in this city’s skyline. Over the years he has created approximately 30 renditions.

The skyline images created by Mr. Henry are often shared on social media networks. He works in an architecture firm in the area and works graphic design as a hobby. He says that his images continue to improve over time and become more detailed. He gathers up the information about ongoing and future projects and creates the renditions thoughtfully.

Mr. Henry does not get paid for his efforts and does this hobby for fun and. He says that he finds it interesting and fun and does it for people's enjoyment. It is interesting to see what he produces and at some point it seems as though the Calgary Tower won't seem as high with other taller buildings in the area surrounding it.

According to the latest report issued by RE/MAX called the Commercial Investors Report 2014, there was a lot of construction activity occurring in the downtown core of Calgary during the second quarter of this year. During this time period, 841,000 ft.² of office space was added to the downtown area.

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