The Best November Events in Calgary

Posted by Justin Havre on Wednesday, September 25th, 2019 at 10:49am.

The Best Events in Calgary this NovemberThose looking for November events in Calgary, AB will be pleasantly surprised at the available options. Whether people want to celebrate the upcoming holiday season or indulge in their passions, the people of Calgary, AB have organized some interesting activities that are sure to bring people together.

World of Whisky Festival

Whisky isn't just another type of liquor to many people in Calgary, AB. The distillation techniques were thought to have first been developed as early as 1100 AD by monks in Ireland and Scotland where wine wasn't widely available. Even the name comes from Gaelic word that means 'water of life'. Whether a person loves whisky or just wants to learn more about how far this beverage has come in the last 1,000 years, the World of Whisky festival promises to pay homage to its past, present, and future. This event includes the blends of top international whisky-makers, a gourmet buffet dinner, and a souvenir whisky glass.

  • When: November 2
  • Where: BMO Centre
  • Cost: $125

Festival of Crafts

The Festival of Crafts is a way to honor the local talents of Calgary by perusing and purchasing their handmade goods. Getting into the Christmas spirit isn't always easy, especially when shoppers consider the trappings of traditional holiday buying. Attending this special event can be just what Calgary residents and visitors need to snap themselves back to the real meaning of the season—showing people how much they mean to each other. Whether it's a scarf, snack, or silver bracelet, there are plenty of treasures to be discovered at the Festival of Crafts. Rather than gifting someone a mass-produced item, give them something that was made from the heart.

  • When: November 7 – 10
  • Where: BMO Centre
  • Cost: Paid entry ticket (TBD)

Who's In the Hall Wednesdays

For those who want to shake up the middle of their week, there's this free event at Canada's Sports Hall of Fame on the first Wednesday of the month called Who's in the Hall Wednesdays. This museum was created to honor the athletes, coaches, and leaders that have shaped the country and inspired pride in its many residents. Those who come here understand just how powerful sports can be to unite people. Attendees can take part in the immersive storytelling of the museum, complete with curated exhibits and digital enhancements. But this event takes the experience to the next level and includes a speaker series, cash bar, and interactive fun at every turn.

  • When: November 6
  • Where: Canada's Sports Hall of Fame
  • Cost: Free

Once Upon a Christmas

Beginning in November, Once Upon a Christmas is a great way to experience Heritage Park when it's all dressed up for the season. Take a horse-drawn wagon ride and marvel at the decorations or tour the historic homes in the park to learn more about the traditions of Christmases in the early 1900s. Parents can help their children decorate gingerbread men or make their own tree ornaments. And of course, Santa and his reindeer will make an appearance. Head over to the Canmore Opera House for a holiday play, snack on favorites from Alberta Bakery, and sing a carol or two as the whole family strolls and enjoys the many sights and sounds of the season.

  • When: November 23 to December 22
  • Where: Heritage Park
  • Cost: Free

November in Calgary can be a spectacular time to visit or for locals to explore the wonders to be found in right under their noses. As the temperatures start to fall, people still find ways to experience the simple joy of being outside or enjoying a warming glass of whisky. From its fancy festivals to free attractions, people from every walk of life can find something to do in this beautiful city.

——— Fun Events in Calgary, AB in November Calgary, AB has a variety of events in November for people of all ages. See what's going on so you can plan ahead.

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