Ski Season is Nearly Here

Posted by Justin Havre on Tuesday, November 6th, 2018 at 8:22am.

The Best Ski Slopes in Calgary, ABCalgarians are about to embark on the journey up the hills and mountains only to slide back down on two slabs of wood. Finding the best places for skiing will provide plenty of fun within Calgary. Here are some of the top choices throughout the area for your skiing and snowboarding.

Canada Olympic Park

This ski hill provides a great place for fun. It was used during the 1988 Olympic Games and provides a super pipe and so much more. This is the in-town choice for your skiing, but not the only choice in the Calgary area.


Another choice found about an hour from the city in Kananaskis County is Nakaska. This ski hill provides many slopes and lodges for your needs. It's the official training facility for Canada.


Banff National Park is home to three ski resorts and is found about 90 minutes from the city. Resort passes are available including all three resorts and shuttles connect them.

Sunshine Village

You will need to access Sunshine Village via gondola, but lifts run all the way into May ere. This area is full of slopes and provides plenty of choices for advanced and moderate skiers.

Lake Louise

This 4,200 acre area is found about 45 minutes north of Banff and provides one of the largest resorts in North America. Once atop the slopes, you will find a variety of runs including at least one green run per lift.

Island Lake Lodge

If you’re looking for top-notch service and quality, Island Lake Lodge is the place to go. It’s more expensive than most but might be worth it for a superior experience. It’s a luxury experience at Island Lake Lodge with amazing skiing and excellent amenities.

During the day you can enjoy deep Lizard Range powder in great terrain and by night you’ll be drinking fine wine in your log cabin. They have hot tubs and great cuisine as well. It’s the perfect place to try heli-operations.

Bella Coola Heli-Sports

Over in Bella Coola Valley on the coats, Bella Coola Heli-Sports are very accessible. When the weather is good you can flight from Vancouver into Bella Coola and go heli-skiing right when you arrive. The trip from Calgary to Vancouver to Bella Coola is easy and upon arrival you’ll experience dramatic and rugged terrains.

Make sure to bring a small group because the more people in the helicopter means less time skiing powder. While you’re there, enjoy high-quality cuisine, sweat lodge and more at one of the best heli-operations in the world.

Mount Norquay

The Norquay Ski SlopeIf you're living in anywhere in North America or Canada then learning to ski is one of those skills that goes with learning how to walk or swim. For most people actually learning how to ski means several flights and a lot of expense, but for anyone living in Calgary it means a short drive to Banff and getting out on one of the beginner runs on Mount Norquay. There are a lot of ski runs to choose from in Alberta but Mount Norquay has been one of the most popular with beginners and families for quite some time now - with the first people skiing there around 1926.

There are few more picturesque locations on the planet than Banff so you'll be learning how to ski against some of the most stunning backdrops nature can offer - plus there are structured skiing lessons available too which allow you to choose from either once-off lessons or ongoing lessons. Don't worry if you're been skiing for several years because Mount Norquay has plenty to offer the accomplished skier too, like Upper Lone Pine for example.

If you've never been skiing before then you're probably going to get a pretty big surprise when you find out just how exhausting it is, so being able to sneak away to Cascade Lodge for a warm (or cold) drink and something to eat will be a welcome break. Then once you've recharged yourself with an interim après ski you can get back out to enjoy everything the Banff piste has to offer.

It won't matter if you're taking a day out with your family, friends or co-workers you'll have an absolute blast at Mount Norquay and with lots of kid-friendly runs and activities you'll find that your kids are kept more than occupied for the duration of your visit there.

The Sunshine Mountain Lodge

First, Sunshine Mountain Lodge is a great start and the only one you can ski into. The Lodge is great with a guarantee at first tracks and gorgeous rooms with fireplaces. You can also enjoy some on the mountain yoga to stretch out your sore muscles before hitting the slopes again. This is also a great place for a healthy dinner at The Eagle's Nest that will be the perfect ending to your day.

The Kicking Horse

Heli-Skiing and Cat-Skiing in Western CanadaThe Kicking Horse has a private butler ready to give you anything you need. Whatever you need to be comfortable after a day of hitting it hard on the slopes they will get for you. The resort is rugged and there are two luxury rooms looking out over the gnarly skiing trails. You can reach your room by gondola and enjoy the dinner and drinks your private butler will provide for you after a long day of hitting the slopes.


Fernie has lovely chalets you can ski right up to with a hot tub and private chefs to give you gourmet meals. You can also enjoy powder courses that will teach you and your friends how to ski the trails at Fernie.

The Island Lake Lodge

The Island Lake Lodge has some amazing slopes and an even better lodge. There are amazing dining experiences, a great spa, and the best rooms you could ask for.

If spending a day at the spa sounds like a good idea to you, one of these for Calgary hot spots are an ideal place for you to consider spending the day. Between these four spots, you should have no trouble finding one that meets your needs.

Other Ski Resorts Near Calgary

  • Castle Mountain - About 2.5 hours from Calgary with new lifts for novice and intermediate.
  • Fernie Alpine Resort - This is one of the largest you will find and provides plenty of great choices for expert skiers.
  • Mountain Basin - About four hours from Calgary in Jasper National Park, this is one of five resorts in the area.
  • Panorama Mountain Village - Two resorts are found here and you can enjoy verticals as high as 4,000 feet.

All of these places provide a great place for skiing near Calgary. Some of the resorts may take a few hours to get to, but they will be well worth the drive.

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