Should You Fix or Replace Your Roof Before Selling Your Home?

Posted by Justin Havre on Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 at 12:06pm.

How to Determine if Your Roof Needs to be Repaired or ReplacedHome owners who want to put their house on the market often struggle with the decision to make home improvements before listing the property. Roof upgrades in particular can be a difficult decision because roof improvements and repairs can be costly and best done by a professional. Knowing the signs that a roof needs to be replaced and understanding the expectations of the home buyers can help the homeowner decide whether or not a roof should be repaired or replaced before selling the house.

How Long Roofs Last

Different kinds of roofing materials are expected to last for different lengths of time. For example:

  • Asphalt roof: 20-25 years
  • Metal roof: 40 or longer
  • Slate: 100 years
  • Wood: 20 years

The service life of a roof will be influenced by a variety of factors, including how well the roof is maintained as well as local weather patterns. Homeowners who take good care of their roof and who live in mild climates may expect their roof to last longer than homeowners who do not. Knowing how long your roof is expected to last and how old it is can help you decide whether or not your roof's service life is nearing the end.

Signs A Roof Needs Repair, Maintenance and Replacement

Roofs usually need repair or maintenance at some point during their service life. Some basic signs that a roof needs to be repaired or maintained include:

  • The roof is leaking
  • Mold or moss has begun to grow on the roof

When a roof needs to be replaced on your West Calgary home, this often involves a deterioration of the roofing materials. For example, the shingles of an asphalt roof may start to curl upward at the edges. This curling will start at the ridge cap and then spread to the rest of the shingles. In addition, granules of asphalt will fall off of the shingles, leaving them bare. When this happens, the asphalt will collect in the gutters, making a mess.

In some cases, it can be hard to tell whether or not a roof needs to be repaired or replaced. An experienced roofing contractor can help the homeowner decide what the roof needs.

The ROI of Roof Replacement

Roof replacement is said to increase a home's value around $12,000, and has an average ROI of around 62 percent. This ROI is not as high as some other home improvement projects. For example, a kitchen renovation is estimated to have an ROI of 70 percent.

Still, buyers expect homes to have a roof that keeps out the rain and protects the house. A home that needs a roof replacement may sell for a lot less than its value, because many home buyers do not want to deal with roof replacement before moving in. In other words, the cost of not replacing the roof may be much more than the cost of replacement.

Work With a Real Estate Agent

The decision to repair or replace the roof can be a difficult one. If you're thinking about putting your house on the market and want to get the most money for your property, talk to a good real estate agent. He or she can help you decide which repairs are worthwhile and which repairs are not.

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