Shopping tips for Calgary Boxing Day and Boxing Week Sales

Posted by Justin Havre. on Friday, December 26th, 2014 at 1:01pm.

If you've received some cash or gift cards for Christmas you're probably ready to hit the stores today or sometime this week. In order to spend your cash wisely and have a successful shopping trip, use these great shopping trips for Boxing Day sales in Calgary.

1. Make a list

It's going to be frantic out on the streets and in the malls today and this week. You'll be fighting the crowds and lineups and at every turn you'll see signs showing the in-store bargains. Bring along a list of the things that you want to get and do your best not to get distracted by the tempting offers. You won't want to leave the store with an arm full of items that you didn't want in the first place and with nothing that was on your list.

2. If the store is out of stock

Some stores will offer electronic items at blowout prices just to attract shoppers into the store. They will carry a limited selection of items and will quickly sell out of them. Once you're there, however, the salespeople will try to sell you something higher-priced if the sale priced item is out of stock. If this happens to you, put your money back in your pockets and wait for a better sale to come along.

3. Dress for your shopping

Dress casually and comfortably for your shopping. Try to wear something lightweight but warm enough for your walk back to the car after you've finished shopping. If you wear something bulky and heavy you won't be able to stand the crowds and lineups very long inside the stores.

4. Shop online before you head out

If you're interested in a certain item check out the retailer's website ahead of time. In some cases you can order an item online and then pick it up in-store. When you shop this way, you be assured that the item will be ready for you when you arrive and in most cases you can just pick it up at customer service. You'll avoid the long lineups at checkout!

5. Make sure you really need the item

Just because something's on a door crasher sale doesn't mean it's worth buying. Think twice before spending your money on anything that isn't on your list and keep your wits about you at all times. It's easy to get caught up in the Boxing Day sales madness and to purchase a ton of things that you never really wanted!

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