Restaurant Spotlight: Blink Restaurant & Bar

Posted by Justin Havre on Tuesday, April 21st, 2015 at 9:13am.


The patio is set up at Blink Restaurant & Bar, so celebrate the long awaited arrival of spring with a hearty meal alone or with someone at Where Magazine's 'Places to Eat'. With locally grown and raised food, there will be something to please everyone on the menu.

Start Off with a Drink

If you are eating inside, start off by ordering a drink at the bar from the knowledgeable bartenders. Depending on the season, you may be able to watch a hockey game, or at least speak to people about it while waiting on your food.

The Dishes are Made to Perfection

The halibut fish cake is baked to perfection, and it comes with a side of warm tartar sauce and a small salad. For a twist on a simple favourite food of many, order the gouda macaroni and cheese with almond and herb crumble, also served with a small salad. If you are there for dinner, try the ravioli that is made from potato puree.

If you're still hungry, you can never go wrong with a cheesecake. Blink's cheesecake is made with pistachio and white chocolate. Their food consists of primarily high end cheese, fresh seafood, and locally raised meat.

Reservations are recommended, as the place fills up fast. They can be booked on their website. Blink Restaurant & Bar is formal, while still being able to provide a friendly and warm ambiance. It is not just a great date idea, but it makes for a great place to take people for business meetings or functions.

A Restaurant Worth Exploring

The restaurant prides itself on supporting local businesses and farms within its community. The food is all about presentation and a pleasing taste. You surely won’t be disappointed. Come in, enjoy the good, give this place a try.

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