Respect is a two-way street

Posted by Justin Havre. on Friday, January 1st, 2016 at 6:01pm.


When a REALTOR’s cell phone goes off at 11 pm, it’s often news of an offer.  With the hope that a property is moving further along, most answer before the second ring.  These days, there might be a slight hesitation as a late-night call can often mean a stressed-out, desperate client is on the other end of the phone demanding answers.

And of course, if their home isn’t selling or if a low-ball somewhat insulting  offer comes in, whose fault is it?  Unfortunately, some home sellers in Calgary are becoming belligerent and believe that their financial crisis must be the agent’s fault.

In today’s very unsettling economic recession, the stress caused by job losses and the subsequent pressure on families is pushing customers to the edge of reason. Those in complete dire straits have been forced to sell and with homes taking months to sell (some don’t sell at all), some are taking their frustration out on their REALTOR.

If this is you, here’s the thing. Your REALTOR is on your side.  You’ve hired your REALTOR to sell your home and together, you’ve established a price point for your home.  A good, professional REALTOR will have conducted a market evaluation and made recommendations on how to improve your property or stage your home.  The goal is to optimize conditions for the highest price in the shortest amount of time in a market where there is downward pressure on price.  If your price is too high, they’ll tell you straight up. If you go with a price that’s too high, the market will send a clear message.  If your home is too cluttered or there are too many personal possessions in your home, an agent tell you.  What you believe your home to be worth and what the market will bear can often be two different things….especially in the market we find ourselves in right now in Calgary.

If you have priced your home properly, with a strong marketing plan in place, it’s only a matter of time before your home sells for top dollar.  You’ve hired a professional to do a job, and they want you to be successful.  Like you, they only get paid when the transaction is concluded.  Your agent wants a good outcome, just like you do.

It’s about managing expectations and making them very clear.  Your REALTOR can’t promise the moon.  While he or she is duty-bound to follow through on your instructions, they will certainly provide honest feedback if the market is not supporting the price you need or want for your home.  No one wishes they could wave a magic wand more than your real estate agent.

We’ve been here before

These are the most challenging times in Calgary since the oil crisis in the early 1980s.  There were massive layoffs, just like today, and number of home prices dropped by 30% or more.  Interest rates were 16% or more and people were suddenly left with mortgages that were higher than the value of their home.  Foreclosures were rampant.  The market in Calgary is not as dire as it was back then, but you may be on a similar emotional roller coaster, so it’s easy to lash out at that one person you may feel is responsible for solving all your financial woes – your REALTOR.

Your agent is here to protect your interests while giving you honest advice with no sugar coating allowing you to make an educated decision. Respect is a two-way street and together, you and your REALTOR will push forward.

Justin Havre & Associates was #1 Remax Team in Canada for 2015 based on most homes sold.  Justin and his team achieved this prestigious nomination because of their commitment to help their clients achieve their goals.  When you choose a Realtor with a proven track record to represent you, you are one step closer to getting your home sold.

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