Remembrance Day Events in Calgary

Posted by Justin Havre on Wednesday, July 31st, 2019 at 12:08pm.

5 Must-Attend Calgary Remembrance Day EventsEach year on November 11th, you can honor those lost in the First World War at the many Remembrance Day events across Calgary. At these special ceremonies, you will have a chance to learn about those who sacrificed their lives and honor their memories. To help you best plan your time on this important day, use this guide to learn about five amazing Remembrance Day events you can attend in Calgary.

Military Museums Service

Starting at 10:30 am, The Military Museums will begin their service to honor the fallen and commemorate the anniversary of WWI. The guests of honor will come in first to begin the ceremony. The hosts will go through the Act of Remembrance next to share knowledge about the war and the sacrifices made throughout. You will have a chance to see the laying of wreathes next as everyone honors those who lost their lives. After the ceremony, you can continue learning and exploring by heading over to browse the museum.

Field of Crosses Memorial

From November 1st through the 11th, you can view the Field of Crosses memorial at your leisure by heading down Memorial Drive. As you wind through the roadway there, you will see 3,400 white crosses standing tall in remembrance of those who lost their lives in the war. Each cross bears a name and other identifying information to allow families to honor their loved ones. Poppies and flags adorn the crosses to deeply honor the sacrifices displayed made by those individuals.

Hangar Flight Museum

The Hangar Flight Museum holds their own Remembrance Day ceremony early in the day on November 11th. Arrive by 10:15 am at the latest to find parking and arrive at the event on time. Their important speakers will head up onstage at the start of the ceremony to begin presenting the service. As the entire ceremony will occur outdoors, make sure to dress to suit the weather that day. At the end of the service, you can browse the museum by making a donation at the door.

Fort Calgary Fair

At Fort Calgary, you can attend a beautiful Remembrance Day ceremony, and then wander through the artisan's fair afterward. The RCMP Veterans' Association of Calgary hosts this event and brings the bagpipes, bugles and choral singers for all to enjoy. Readings will take place throughout the event to honor the lives of those who fought in WWI. The artisan's fair gives locals a chance to display and sell their paintings, jewelry and other works of art. Make sure to bring along a non-perishable donation for the food bank for admission to the fair.

Battalion Park Ceremony

King's Own Calgary Regiment soldiers will host the Battalion Park Ceremony at 10 am on November 11th. This ceremony will have many inspirational speeches and a public address, so come early to hear it all. They will also have a wreathe laying ceremony at the end of the service. A parade will conclude the event with over 300 sailors and soldiers representing over 40 units.

As you attend all these amazing events, you can honor the fallen and learn all about their sacrifices. You can even make your attendance a yearly tradition as these Calgary Remembrance Day events recur annually.

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