4 Reasons To Use a Professional Photographer When Selling Your Home

Posted by Justin Havre on Monday, October 14th, 2019 at 10:16am.

4 Reasons You Need a Professional PhotographerWhen preparing to sell a Panorama Hills home, all real estate agents are going to advise their clients to hire a professional photographer to take photos for their home’s listing. Sellers often think they can save a few hundred dollars by taking the photos themselves, but unless a seller has experience as a photographer, there’s a good chance their photos are going to end up sub-par. Sellers who don’t know the art of photography should seriously consider hiring a professional photographer to take their home’s pictures. Here are some of the most important reasons why.

Good Photos Help Draw In Buyers

Online listings are now one of the most common ways that buyers are finding homes for sale. Because of this, sellers need to ensure that they’re putting their home’s best foot forward. Hiring a professional photographer can be a way to ensure that a listing’s photos will be good, and good photos entice buyers to click on a listing and read about the home. When it comes to selling a home, the cornerstone of the entire process is making the home appealing to buyers, and hiring a professional photographer can go a long way.

Hiring a Photographer is Affordable

A lot of home sellers don’t want to hire a professional photographer due to the extra costs. After all, hiring a professional must be expensive, right? Actually, there are many professional photographers that are quite affordable. The average photography session will cost anywhere from $95-300, and that will typically also include behind-the-scenes work like cropping, colorizing, retouching, and any other photo editing. With all the other advantages hiring a professional photographer brings and the value received compared to money spent, all sellers should seriously consider hiring one.

Professional Photos Help Homes Sell Faster

Because having good photos helps draw buyers in, more people are coming to see the home, which can lead to the home selling faster than it would have otherwise. In fact, homes with listings that use professional photography can sell up to 32% faster than homes whose listings feature amateur photos. This can be a huge difference, especially if the market isn’t as hot as the seller would have liked. No one wants their home to stagnate on the market, and hiring a professional photographer can be a good way to help make sure that doesn’t happen.

Hiring a Professional Isn’t Time Consuming

When preparing to sell a home, sellers have a thousand and one other things that they need to focus on and remember to do. If they want to make one thing on their to-do list just a tiny bit easier, hiring a professional photographer to do their home’s photos instead of doing it on their own is the one to choose. 

Photography isn't something a person can just pick up and expect to do well on their first attempt. Even if they’re using a guide, sellers won’t be able to get the same quality as a professional who went to school to get a degree in photography and learn the best ways to take and edit their photos.  Professionals are the fastest and easiest ways to get professional-quality photos for a home listing. 

There are too many reasons that homeowners should hire a professional photographer to take their home’s photos. All sellers should try to find the time to hire one to come to their home, because if they don’t, they’re missing out on a lot of advantages that can’t be received otherwise.

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