Our Dedication to Client Customer Service Has Led to Fantastic Results

Posted by Justin Havre. on Monday, June 30th, 2014 at 8:01am.

Customer satisfaction should always be the main guiding principle for any real estate agent, team or brokerage. Since a lot of our customers come from referrals, it is important to always keep integrity and client satisfaction as a priority. This way, the families and individuals that ask us for guidance will be ecstatic about their new homes and the agents and teams will build up a reputation for excellent client services.

We are proud to report that Justin Havre & Associates has ranked #4 for transaction ends in the prestigious 2014 REAL Trends Canadian 250 report. Our team had 358 ends closed in 2013, and this did not include an additional 72 ends that took place last year. These transactions were also not counted for total dollar volume.

Any real estate transaction has two ends that include a listing and a selling end. If a listing agent also produces a buyer, he will have two ends for the single transaction. In about 80% of the sales, there is both a listing agent and a selling agent involved and they split the commission. If there is only one agent handling the listing and the selling, he will have two ends and receive the full commission.

When we viewed the numbers in this report, we were proud to see that our company is growing due to our commitment and dedication to serving our customers with respect and excellence. Every new client that walks through the door has different real estate needs and has a different story to tell. We make sure that we listen carefully to each customer to determine what is wanted and needed the most so that these services can be delivered quickly and with professionalism.

Our team is proud to be serving the Calgary area and look forward to our future years here in the city. Calgary is a wonderful place to call home and when you need help finding a new residence we are only a phone call away.

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