Now Open: Scopa Restaurant

Posted by Justin Havre on Tuesday, September 9th, 2014 at 10:32am.

As a human, you are a creature of habit. You are just like all the other people walking around Calgary. You decide you want to go out to eat with your special someone. You talk about it, you consider a lot of places, and you end up going to one of the places you have always gone to.

Everyone Does It

You shouldn't feel too bad. It is pretty easy to default to the same couple of dining establishments in Calgary. Unfortunately, this can make it hard for new restaurants to be given a real chance.

What is Scopa?

Scopa is a brand new restaurant in Calgary. It is one of those new dining establishments that will never be given a real chance if you keep yourself fixated on never trying anything new.

This is a comfortable and cozy Italian restaurant that is already buzzing. You walk into this restaurant and instantly, you feel like you've walked into an Italian bistro. It has a very comfortable and cozy atmosphere.

What if You Don't Like Pasta

There are a lot of people who are not willing to give an Italian restaurant a try because they really don't like pizza and pasta. Pizza and pasta is only the beginning of typical Italian cuisine. There are a number of other entrees that people really love.

A lot of people consider their dessert menu to be a little on the boring side. This is because it really doesn't stray very far from the typical desserts you would see in any Italian restaurant. What you really need to ask yourself: is why should you change a good thing? Italian desserts are delicious!

The next time you think about going out to eat, you really should consider bringing your friends and family members to Scopa.  

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