New Food Court Coming to CrossIron Mills and More!

Posted by Justin Havre on Wednesday, August 27th, 2014 at 11:14am.

Image Credit: those who enjoy shopping at CrossIron Mills, you can expect some changes to come soon to the already 1.12 million square feet building. If you are trying to visualize it, it's the size of 13 football fields. CrossIron Mills is a place that was built with future growth in mind. The walls can be pushed out to add wings. Since it was built to expand the owners are taking full advantage of the space they have available.

A Word from the General Manager

The general manager, James Moller, says that you have to keep moving to keep up with the retail world, and that's what he hopes expanding will do, help them keep up. The newest expansion will cost about 60 million and add over 40,000 feet to the mall in retail space alone.

Some exciting new stores will be moving in and give those who frequent the mall a taste of something different. It will also help draw in new people who want to shop at those particular stores.

They will also add a new food court moving the one from where it currently is. You will find the new food court will be in the entertainment district where the Movie Theater, Boston Pizza, and Forever 21 are.

There will be sixteen vendors raising it by two, and the capacity will be lifted to 1300 with 200 more seats for guests. Where the old food court was there will be nine retail stores. People will be excited to have both new places to eat and new stores in the mall.

This is Just the Beginning

There are lots of plans for more expansion in the future and the space to do so. The additions will start in January of 2015 and shouldn't disturb shoppers too much. This is just the beginning of expansion in the massive mall so stay tuned.

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