New City Communication a Hit with Calgarians

Posted by Justin Havre on Wednesday, April 9th, 2014 at 4:35pm.

Calgary, as a city, uses a number of channels to reach out to those within the community., alone, gets over 20 million visits each year. The Calgary City News blog receives nearly 2 million more visitors every year, as well.

Of course the social media accounts for the city have taken off with tens of thousands of followers and fans. However, these are not the only ways the city is communicating with residents. Not all Calgarians use these digital channels of communication. For those not using any of the digital channels, the city has started doing something a little bit different to reach them.

Banana Stickers for Calgary

Calgary has started to put messages on bananas sold throughout the city. After doing the research, the city found that bananas are on nearly everybody's shopping list. This is why they chose bananas.

Each bunch of bananas now has a sticker with a message on it. It may be as simple as a reminder to visit the city blog and Calgary hopes this will add even more visits to the blog.

The City's marketing team is hoping to expand the program to other items in the future, as well. It's worth noting, this first campaign doesn't include any organic bananas, but those are coming soon.

As the city continues to expand their communication channels, residents can submit their input to the committee. They often allow for the public to comment on potential marketing ideas before putting them into work. Watch for public meetings in Calgary allowing for input if you have an idea.

For now, you will only see the stickers showing up on your bananas, but in the future, this may be a regular thing on many produce items. Go pick up some bananas and check out the stickers.

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