Millennials are Leaving Their Mark When It Comes to Design Trends

Posted by Justin Havre. on Tuesday, September 16th, 2014 at 8:01am.

A lot of the new and upcoming design trends are focused on the millennial generation. This is the largest generation that Canada has seen since the baby boom. Millennials, which are people that were born from 1982 up to 2004, are causing major design shifts. Recently, the company Hunter Douglas talked to millennial designers to find out what this generation is looking for and how the trends have shifted.

Millennial designers aren't worried about the common rules and preconceived notions that have previously been in place. Informal and formal boundaries have become less distinct. Millennials aren't afraid to mix things up and experiment with the combination of modern and contemporary looks.

Individual expression counts the most and manufacturers are doing to their best to keep up with this design trend. This generation is looking for more options along with distinctive features on both modern and classic items.

Designers are able to make use of modern technology to help with this merging of the new and the old. Technology plays an important role nowadays when it comes to design projects. Clients and designers don't simply have to imagine how a project will turn out since it can be seen on the screen through design applications.

Hunter Douglas is also keeping up with these design trends by offering special design features at its official website to see how window coverings will look. You can upload personal photographs of your home and then try out different window coverings on the screen to see which style and color would best suit your home.

Clients and their designers can work closely together using various computer design programs to combine art and technology into one. This way, the mix of older and newer styles can be achieved graciously and with flair.

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