It's a Giving Time of Year in Calgary

Posted by Justin Havre. on Monday, December 15th, 2014 at 7:51pm.

On Saturday, volunteers came out to make holiday wishes come true for families across Calgary. Tons of gifts were dropped off at the UPS station at the Calgary airport as part of the 2014 Adopt a Family Program. This program is run by UPS and the Calgary Sun to help out families that have been recommended and screened by the Salvation Army. This year, 200 families will have a better Christmas thanks to the efforts of others.

The family members filled out a list of the things that they wanted and then these wishes were fulfilled by 200 groups and companies that acted as sponsors for the families. Once the packages were dropped off at the UPS on Saturday, volunteers that consisted of mostly UPS and Sun workers sorted out the boxes. These packages were then packed up into tracks and send out to the families.
This program has been running successfully for 21 years now and will hopefully continue for many more.

On Sunday, the 47th annual Christmas party was put on by the Calgary firefighters at the Stampede Corral. More than 1,700 families and 4,000 children received gifts at this party. All of these gifts go to deserving families that have been chosen by the 2 Calgary School Boards and the Salvation Army.

The party involved a lot more than just giftgiving. Families were able to enjoy hamburgers, a mad scientist, local band entertainment and a dog show.

There is a lot of time spent behind the scenes making this party come to life. There were more than 200 volunteers directing the event this year that helped to raise approximately $75,000 for the cause. Volunteers also had to put in a lot of time to make sure that all of the gifts were wrapped and were ready to be handed out by Santa.

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