How to Use Customer Service to Your Advantage

Posted by Justin Havre on Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018 at 8:34am.

Why Customer Service Can Make or Break or Real Estate Agent's CareerWhat sets one real estate agent apart from the others? Is it their demeanor? Their experience? Their stats? The truth is that any and all of these things have the potential to work to the agent's advantage. But no matter where an agent's strengths lie, the need for customer service from a real estate agent is never going to diminish. It's the element that ties the rest of their brand together.

Making an Impression

Some people make an excellent first impression but have a difficult time keeping up with their initial efforts. Not such a good thing when you consider that real estate deals can last for months (or even years.) A real estate agent makes friends in their industry by being consistent each and every time they have a professional transaction. When people know they can count on someone, even during the most stressful of times, they're going to have clients for their services.

Talk, Talk, Talk

Good customer service involves a lot of talking. However, the right amount of talking is a rather difficult to master. This is because agents have to walk a fine line between responding to a client and not drowning them with superfluous details. An agent may be anxious to show off their knowledge, but too much sharing or the client can feel overwhelmed or even indecisive. Good agents who can find this balance between talking too little and too much will begin to recognize when its right to delve into detail and when to leave it alone.

Going the Last Lap

Even agents who are known as bulldogs at the negotiation table can still practice empathy with their clients. And even those who deal with some of the most complicated real estate transactions can still take the time to do something extra for their clients. This is especially true when considering just how stressful a real estate transaction can be. Even commercial real estate can be emotional.

There are a number of ways that Springbank real estate professionals can practice better customer service. Business people and agents can all begin with a commitment to become the best possible person you can be. These tactics are fairly straightforward in theory but can be much more difficult in practice. There is no fits-all customer service manual though. Customer service is something that needs to be continually refined and worked on. And all businesses, agents, customers and clients benefit by having good customer service

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