How to Spend Bathroom Remodel Dollars Wisely

Posted by Justin Havre on Monday, February 4th, 2019 at 9:38am.

Look to the Bath as a Way to Add Home Value and Realize High ROIA bathroom renovation is a perennially popular home improvement project, no matter if it's a luxury transformation of the master bath, a functional update for a hardworking family bathroom, or a cosmetic redo of a tiny powder room. Decision-making cam be difficult though, whether it's a DIY project or you work with a professional design and construction team.

The dilemma often centers around balancing budget and design, and the necessity to assure that high style will also bring a high return on investment. A 2018 poll reported that while nearly half of Canadian homeowners contemplated renovating their homes during the year, actual spending was estimated to decrease by about seven percent from levels spent on updates during the previous year. Although homeowners believe that any money spent on repairs and renovation will add value to their homes, more than half of those planning improvements planned only basic maintenance expenditures.

However, bathroom remodels tied with landscaping projects as popular renovations, contemplated by 39 percent of respondents to the CIBC poll.

Trending Bathroom Improvements

Although preferred renovations and typical spending per project varies from one province to another, there are some consistent trends that seem to guide bathroom renovations. The desire for more space, allowing for additional convenience and relaxation in addition to hygiene, is perhaps the prime reason to redo a bathroom. It doesn't always require adding square footage, but might involve reassigning function, creating more usable space by relocating a washer and dryer, or adding a shower or second vanity by grabbing space from an adjoining closet or hall.

Other current trends include:

  • A return to vintage design
  • A love for clean design and basic colours
  • Increased use of terrazzo, joining ever-popular ceramic tile as favoured bath surfaces
  • Asymmetrical accessories, particularly oddly-shaped mirrors
  • Simple, open storage with less need for cabinetry

How to Assure Recoverable Value

While kitchen renovations continue to hold top billing as far as return on investment, bathroom improvements are in second place. Canadian homeowners and prospective buyers look for sensible space that is attractive and easy to maintain. According to National Bank, the best bathroom renovations will cost no more than five percent of the home's value and should return approximately 85 percent of the dollars spent.

Simple cosmetic improvements, including new ceramic tile and a fresh coat of paint, might return 100 percent of the cost, according to some sources, but other reasonable redos that add function without undue cost include these innovations:

Create a Wet Area: Group an open shower and tub together, separated from other bath functions only by a partial glass wall. Not only will the bath space appear larger, but it is exceedingly functional.

Perform a Facelift on the Powder Room: Create new drama in a powder room with dramatic wallpaper or unique tile, colour, stylish new lighting or a contemporary vanity and wall-mounted faucet. Even the smallest space can live large and have a vibrant personality.

Add High Tech Options: There are almost limitless options to bring modern technology into the bathroom. LED lighting, motion-activated faucets, radiant floor heating, touchscreen mirrors, preset water-temperature settings, aromatherapy showers and variable coloured mood lighting are just some of the available possibillities.

Bring the Outdoors In: Wood accents and greenery turn any bath space into a retreat reminiscent of a walk in the woods. In a stressful world, that is a welcome treat. Moisture-loving wood species and green plants are also ecologically smart.

Advisers recommend enjoying the improvements before planning to sell their Coventry property in order to profit optimally, suggesting that five years is a reasonable time period between renovation and sale.

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