How to Find the Best Appliances for Your New Home

Posted by Call Centre on Tuesday, April 30th, 2019 at 11:32am.

How to Shop for New Home AppliancesSo you've purchased a new home. Congratulations! Now you may have to think about the types of appliances that you're going to add to the house assuming that they don't come with the property and you don't have any of your own to carry over. When you're going out to purchase those new appliances there are some things that you should keep in mind besides the price. If you get too caught up in the cost of the shiny new appliances in front of you, it can attract your attention over from other critical factors.

The Size Of The Appliance Matters

Fridges, stoves, washers and dryers are not all made in a one-size-fits-all manner. You should take some measurements of the allotted space for each appliance so that you don't end up with one that just doesn't fit into the spot it's supposed to.

The Style And Color

You should make up your mind before hitting the streets for those much-needed appliances about the color and style you want. Do you want to get a front-loading washing machine or one that loads from the top? Do you want a side-by-side refrigerator or a more traditional style of fridge with the freezer on top? You'll also want to consider the color. Stainless steel appliances are the hottest trend right now but they won't look right in every kitchen. Have a firm idea of what you want before you start your official shopping. Those stainless steel refrigerators, dishwashers and stoves can get mighty tempting in a well-lit showroom!

How Often Will It Be Used?

If you have a family of five you'll need a big washer and dryer but if there's only one or two of you that will be living in the home you'll be able to get away with something a lot smaller. You may even want to consider an apartment style of washer and dryer with one sitting over the other to free up extra space in the laundry room. Your refrigerator won't need to hold a lot of family meals either if you're living on your own so you may want to look at the smaller sizes of fridges. With the extra money you save you might consider spending it on a smaller fridge with extra features.

The Value of Energy Efficiency in New Appliances

An important thing to consider when buying new appliances is the energy efficiency. Energy efficient appliances can save water and energy, depending on the type of appliance. The US ENERGY STAR program certifies the most energy efficient appliances on the market. These appliances have met rigorous standards and are among the most advanced energy efficient appliances available to homeowners. ENERGY STAR estimates that homeowners can save up to $575 per year by purchasing certified appliances. 

In addition to the energy savings, there are other reasons that homeowners should consider energy efficient appliances. For example, using ENERGY STAR appliances can reduce the home's carbon footprint especially when it comes to heating and cooling your home.

Finally, home buyers are attracted to homes that are energy efficient. When the time comes to sell a home, having eco-friendly appliances could lead to faster offers, bigger offers, or both. 

Overall, many homeowners report that the value of owning energy-efficient appliances is multi-faceted. In addition to the money savings and the additional profit when selling the house, using green products just feels like the right thing to do. Going green is good for the community, good for the environment, and good for the planet as a whole. 

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While the price will count, these are the other things that you really need to consider when you're looking at new appliances. Establish a budget, check out reviews online, look for deals and then go shopping knowing exactly what you'll be looking for. This way you won't get as tempted by the gleaming appliances that look stunningly beautiful under the fluorescent lights.

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