How to Create an Impressive Home Theater

Posted by Justin Havre on Thursday, October 15th, 2020 at 10:37am.

In this age of technology and development, we have left behind the radios, black and white television and even traditional LED TVs. Today we have 4K video technology that can make the screen seem like reality. It is in a class of its own but have you ever considered the sound system that comes with this fantastic piece of technology? What if the audio that you hear with this ultra HD display are the same as those that come with a 1980s console television? That would certainly ruin your mood, right?

Home theater systems have been a tremendous addition to our electronics, and quite frankly, the audio quality is not nearly as astonishing as it is when you use a proper home theater. Older models of home theaters had a lot of wires coming in and out of them; they were larger and difficult to set up on your own. In the olden days, setting up a home theater system was such a hassle that you needed professional help to properly attach them to your video setup just to get it right. Even after they had been correctly set up, they looked quite hideous because of all the wires they had popping out. But that was the past and due to technological advancements, everything has evolved with the introduction of soundbars. They are not only more advanced and smaller than their predecessors but also have better sound quality.

Here are some guidelines to help you easily set up your home theater:

Room Setting

Consider that the room you choose for the home theater is without bulky furnishing. This keeps the sound neutral and proportionate but if the room. You should choose a television with the appropriate screen size as larger screens are usually preferred over smaller ones. Soundbars are also available in variants that allow you to change the frequency and audio according to your room setting, for example, Sonos and TLC soundbars.

Select a Suitable Speaker

Selecting a speaker for your home theater is not that difficult task. Choose one that is compatible with the size of your room as larger ones can be too powerful for smaller rooms and the smaller ones do not give enough sound for larger rooms. For more options and flexibility, purchase a soundbar. These soundbars have HDMI ports, Bluetooth, and subwoofers of their own, and some variants even let you enjoy 3D sound effects.

Placing the Soundbar in Optimal Position

The placement of the soundbar is important. You want an even stereophonic/surround sound type experience between your left and right ears. If you have wireless subwoofers place them in opposite corners to get a better bass quality and this will minimize the null bass. The soundbar can be mounted on the wall above your TV or it can be placed under your television on a table; it’s up to you.

Consider the Subwoofer

Soundbars often have their built-in sub-woofers that enhance the quality of your audio to a higher level. They have their remote control and even come with a built-in Bluetooth so, you don’t even require wires. The wireless subwoofers can be placed anywhere in the room. This feature of theirs makes it easy to set up and convenient to use. They shouldn't require professional installation. You can simply hang them on your wall or they can even be placed on the table.  All these characteristics make soundbars an ideal choice for a home theater.

Some soundbars even come with options like internet connectivity or voice control but, they are a tad bit expensive compared to the entry level ones. Purchasing and installing a soundbar in your home is not difficult. Choose the qualities you want in the soundbar and the budget. But if you want surround sound that mimics that of the cinema, Dolby Atmos is the technology you should pick. There are some great choices here that you may like to see if you are interested in a price-friendly and top-notch sound system for your home cinema.  

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