How to Create a Spacious Townhome

Posted by Justin Havre. on Friday, October 10th, 2014 at 8:01am.

Townhomes are great properties to purchase but they can be a bit limiting in terms of space. Rooms are usually smaller than those of a typical home. You’ll have to be creative to fit in everything that you need without feeling squeezed in your home. There are simple tricks that you can use to make your Calgary townhome appear spacious.


When choosing furniture for your home you have to consider the size, shape and color. Keep all your furniture small in size and light in color. This will ensure easy movement around the home.


Artistic pieces are instrumental in creating beauty. The use of large hanging mirrors in your townhome visually doubles the space. Display artwork and pictures that are smaller in size to make your home look classier and bigger.


The use of bright colors increases the amount of light in the house by reflection. Neutral colors work best in small spaces such as townhouses and it is best to stay away from darker tones. Use different shades of the same color to generate interest and avoid contrasting colors. You can create a great look using accent pillows and small accessories.


The fewer items you have, the more space you create. Larger items should be arranged first and then the rest follows. This will ensure the creation of more space for other items. Remember to get rid of old and unnecessary items.

By following the above guidelines you are guaranteed to create a beautiful and spacious townhome. This will give you a good environment and easy movement making your (Your City) townhome comfortable for you and your family.

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