How Much Value Does An Extra Bedroom Add to a House

Posted by Justin Havre on Tuesday, March 24th, 2020 at 8:12am.

Wonder how to improve your property to make the most profitable deal when you sell it?

A certain way to increase the value of your home is through a renovation. Major projects like additional rooms are most likely to raise the price of your house.

That’s why we suggest you add an extra bedroom.

The number of bedrooms is one of the key factors that defines the value of a home. The real estate experts at Justin Havre guarantee that more bedrooms lead to higher resale prices.

But the execution of home improvement is a serious and expensive investment. Is it worth all the costs and efforts? Truth is, it pays you back, but only if the bedroom adds to the livability of the house and the functionality of the layout.

Read ahead to find the most practical and added-value ways to create a spare bedroom in your property.

Make Sure the Extra Bedroom Is Beneficial

According to sleep, sofa & bed insider Jonathan Prichard, these are the important matters to consider before you start working on the bedroom.

Get to Know What People Want From A Bedroom

The location of your property is crucial to whether the extra room is worth it. The impact of the house upgrade depends on the local real estate market and target buyers. To understand the local market, check out what kind of properties it offers and their prices. Remember to explore the preferences of the clients, too.

Add the extra bedroom only if your house is a part of family-populated neighborhoods. More square footage is a must for parents with one or more children. So, the extra bedroom makes the property desirable and adds significant value to it.

To avoid more costs instead of profits, give up the addition of the bedroom if:

Consult With a Professional Builder

Turn to a professional to figure out your best options to carry out the property improvement. A specialist:

  • Explains what the reconstruction involves and how it affects the overall look of the house.
  • Checks if the place you want to transform is suitable for that.
  • Gives suggestions on how to best use the space.
  • Prepares a health and safety plan to ensure the security of the reconstruction.
  • Establishes the expenses and time needed for the upgrade.

When you are aware of how much it costs to add a room, it’s easy to estimate if it’s profitable, too. Make detailed research on these points to guarantee a return on your investment.

How to Add an Extra Bedroom

Loft Conversion

A loft conversion is the most common way to get an additional room. 

It’s best to hire an interior design and building company when you turn your attic into a bedroom. Professionals offer all-inclusive service plus provide planning and building permission. They do a loft conversion tailored to every specific house and keep all building regulations. The company workers take care of the roof structure, staircase, lighting, heating, etc. in the loft conversion.

Consider the help of specialists to carry out the renovation, so it adds up to 20% to the value of your property.

Bump out

A bump-out is an attachment to the side of the house. It’s a great solution to expand your property for less money and when a loft conversion is not possible. 

But such additions require roof and floor extensions, or other modifications. It’s best to use the help of a professional builder for outstanding results. An expert makes a thorough plan and constructs the additional room properly. Built this way, it matches the structure of the house and looks natural.

A well-planned and right-constructed bump-out is a reliable approach to raise the value of the abode.

Turn Another Room to a Bedroom

A less expensive and creative way to get that extra bedroom is to transform other spaces in the house. Rarely used areas like a bonus room, the basement, the garage are perfect to repurpose. 

Here are some issues to take care of and create the ideal additional bedroom:

When you put some effort and imagination to make the spare bedroom functional but also cozy, you end up with a definite sale price booster.

Benefits of an Extra Bedroom

An additional sleeping space provides not only increased square footage and price of the house. It guarantees lifestyle benefits, too..

For example, couples who want to have children and extend their families appreciate a property with more bedrooms, and a better night’s sleep.

Another advantage of a large house with a spare bedroom is the opportunity to take a tenant or offer services like Airbnb. That’s a great way to ensure long term profit.

Other Home Improvement Options

What if you can’t afford to add an extra room to your house?

Your chances to raise the resale price of the property don’t end here. Consider minor and cost-effective improvements to upgrade the overall look of the house. This adds to a higher value for sure. Consider how and what people would see if you, let’s say, carry virtual apartment tours to prospects. What would one see? 

Other budget-friendly solutions are the replacement of furniture and appliances, interior and exterior paint job, pimping the garden, etc. According to comfort and atmosphere experts Bouqs, nothing beats the welcoming addition of a vase of fresh flowers, too.


Before you spend serious construction costs, talk to an experienced local realtor, and go through all possibilities of failure and success. Prepare a decent plan on how to execute the home improvement in the most suitable way and keep in mind our tips.

Get the extra bedroom constructed following the recommendations above to add significant value to your house. This is a certain way to recover your renovation expenses and earn more money from the sale.

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