Floor Plans Home Buyers Are Falling in Love With

Posted by Justin Havre on Monday, December 2nd, 2019 at 9:18am.

Common Floor Plans for Residential Homes in CanadaWhile more Mahogany home buyers are opting for form and functionality over greater size and opulence, home shoppers aren't hesitant to include both traditional and modern aesthetics into their custom floor plans. Here are some of the most popular home floor plan layouts to complement in-demand design schemes.

Modern Home Plans

Modern home floor plans and their exteriors are designed for simplicity compared to more traditional designs. Modern homes often boast three or more bedrooms and baths, along with an abundance of oversized glass windows and doors, monochromatic colors, and generally straight lines throughout the design.

Modern layouts are popular with growing families seeking homes to expand with their needs while enjoying one of the most energy-efficient home floor plans available. It is not uncommon for modern floor plans to be set up with spaces for in-laws, adult children and multiple-family domiciles.

Contemporary Floor Plans and Designs

Contemporary is often mistakenly considered synonymous with modern homes, but this style has its own standout features many Canadian home buyers find appealing. Contemporary homes are known for presenting a variety of architectural designs inside and out. They may feature a Craftsman exterior concurrently with a modern interior layout or promote other styles while maintaining the simplicity contemporary designs are known for.

Interiors tend to focus on clean lines, sophisticated build-ins and flowing floor plans throughout. Most homeowners opt for this floor plan with at least three to four bedrooms, grand family rooms and other secondary spaces such as home offices and elaborate theater rooms.

Craftsman Home Floor Plans

Craftsman home plans are extremely popular with Canadian home seekers today, who fall in love with the open-floor layout along with the timeless appearance of hand-crafted interiors and relaxed aesthetics throughout. Those who choose this style of floor plan appreciate the versatility of being able to choose a modest two to three bedroom bungalow-style layout or a grander size with four or more living quarters. Common features include oversized fireplaces, window seats, reading nooks and custom built-in cabinets.

English Cottage Style Floor Plans

Also referred to as storybook cottage style house plans, English cottages are highly regarded for their ‘picture perfect' design. Popularized in the early 1900s as a spin-off of Tudor Revival styles, an English cottage is partially timbered on the exterior and often laid out in the fashion of a traditional one-and-a-half story home with large wraparound porches.

Highly romanticized interiors may boast large, cozy fireplaces situated on one side of the home. Casement windows are generous throughout open floor plans that don't lack in charming details like exposed beams, extra storage, and sloping walls. Due to their versatility, English cottages can feature as many as five rooms without swaying from the authenticity of the design.

Old World Home Floor Plans

By far, one of the most engaging home styles with distinctive details, Old World home designs are elegantly appointed for those seeking the ultimate in luxury. Details are everything in these often massive floor plans, which can range from moderate to opulent mansions. The most elaborate floor plans boast multiple fireplaces, sweeping staircases, formal sitting rooms, French doors and fine amenities throughout. Many Old World floor plans boast separate carriage porches or coach gates known as a porte-cochère, which establishes a distinctive flair for arriving and departing guests.

These popular home floor plans in Canada are available in pre-fabricated blueprints, but they are most often custom-build homes commissioned to local builders and contractors.

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