Have you Tried Heli- and Cat-Skiing in Western Canada?

Posted by Justin Havre on Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014 at 11:42am.


Heli-skiing and cat-skiing are Canadian-born businesses that entered the list of popular winter recreational activities in the country. It wasn’t so long ago they these types of skiing began; in fact the first cat-skiing operation started in 1975 while heli-skiing started in 1965 by legendary skier and climber Hans Gmoser.

The country has become famous for these sports yet many Canadians have yet to try it. It’s viewed as too expensive and too dangerous, but in reality, it’s perfectly safe and affordable. Here is a look at all of the options for cat-skiing and heli-skiing in Canada and how they compare.

Island Lake Lodge

If you’re looking for top-notch service and quality, Island Lake Lodge is the place to go. It’s more expensive than most but might be worth it for a superior experience. It’s a luxury experience at Island Lake Lodge with amazing skiing and excellent amenities.

During the day you can enjoy deep Lizard Range powder in great terrain and by night you’ll be drinking fine wine in your log cabin. They have hot tubs and great cuisine as well. It’s the perfect place to try heli-operations.

Bella Coola Heli-Sports

Over in Bella Coola Valley on the coats, Bella Coola Heli-Sports are very accessible. When the weather is good you can flight from Vancouver into Bella Coola and go heli-skiing right when you arrive. The trip from Calgary to Vancouver to Bella Coola is easy and upon arrival you’ll experience dramatic and rugged terrains.

Make sure to bring a small group because the more people in the helicopter means less time skiing powder. While you’re there, enjoy high-quality cuisine, sweat lodge and more at one of the best heli-operations in the world.

Cat-Skiing Options

The best places to check out cat-skiing in the Kootenays region are:

Decide on what type of experience would best suit you and try out heli and cat-skiing in Western Canada.

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