Have You Seen a Skunk in Your Backyard?

Posted by Justin Havre. on Friday, August 15th, 2014 at 8:01am.

It can be quite a shock to see a black, furry animal with a white stripe cruising around your back or your front yard. It's skunk season here in Calgary and pest-control companies are receiving a lot of calls at this time of the year to handle these little animals.

The calls are coming from all over Calgary too. Some of the pest companies even have to turn away business until their traps become free again. It costs about $300 to remove a single skunk and it is a price that many homeowners are willing to pay. These animals are especially tricky to handle.

It's an extremely messy job and at times the trapped skunks will spray inside the company trucks. Quite often, these specialists that are called out to remove the skunks will find a nest of babies underneath a deck or the steps. It's a labour-intensive job to remove them all.

These black and white critters prefer to live beneath a porch, under steps and in sheds in backyards. If the area is small, a skunk is likely to make a permanent home there. Residents should close off any entrances to these areas with gravel or dirt.

Traps are set using bait such as fruit and green peppers. The bait is specifically chosen so that it won't attract cats. If there is no litter of babies involved, the company may also suggest an exclusion method to get rid of the skunk. This involves the installation of screening at the entrance of the burrow that allows the animal to leave the space but he won't be able to get back into it. Once the skunk sees that he can't return, he'll look for another safe spot to call home.

As Calgary continues to expand, the skunk territory is being invaded. When the skunks see that their homes have been removed due to housing construction, they enter the city to seek shelter and food. If you happen to see a skunk in your backyard or in your front yard, you'll need to call a Calgary pest-control company. The City of Calgary is urging residents to call these companies instead of phoning 311 for assistance.

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