Fun Calgary Festivals Happening in August

Posted by Justin Havre on Saturday, August 2nd, 2014 at 8:37am.


If there is one thing Calgary is known for its the many festivals they have every year in the month of August. If you are looking for a good time this summer be sure to attend one or all of these great festivals.


Afrikadey is all about those of African descent who have a strong desire to improve the lines of communication between the various cultures in the area. This festival is centered around learning about different cultures and exchanging ideas. There will be world class entertainment for everyone to enjoy while they sit in the shade and have a nice cold drink. To learn more about Afrikadey visit


Are you a devoted reggae fan? If so you will love the Calgary ReggaeFest. You will enjoy a full day of nothing but the best reggae music from all over the world. There will be live performances, an area for the youth, a beer garden and plenty of good food to enjoy. If you want to learn about the history of reggae music be sure to attend the 30 minute presentation during the reggae lunch n learn. To learn more about the ReggaeFest visit


GlobalFest is a combination of a variety of different festivals all in one. For instance, the Firework's festival and the OneWorld festival are a part of the GlobalFest. GlobalFest will run from August 14th to August 23rd. During that time hundreds of thousands of people will come together to celebrate the diversity that Calgary is so well known for. Every evening the festival will be held in Elliston Park and will run from 6pm to 11:30pm. To learn more about GlobalFest visit


Carifest is a Caribbean festival that is held in Calgary, Alberta every year. This festival showcases the Caribbean arts and the Caribbean culture. The festival is organized by the Caribbean Community Council of Calgary also known as the CCC. There will be a variety of different activities throughout the day so everyone is sure to have a good time. To learn more about Carifest visit

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