Does it matter if you make your bed every day?

Posted by Justin Havre. on Thursday, April 21st, 2016 at 2:23pm.

Your realtor just called and you have a showing in 45 minutes.  Is your bed made at least?

If you belong in that group of people that just couldn’t be bothered, you might want to reconsider developing the habit of tidying up. If you would make your bed just because people are coming over, why not made your bed for yourself?  

Make your bed and make your life better.

Making your bed can be your first task of the day.  Get it done, cross it off your list and you’re ready to do another task and then another. It gives you a small sense of pride, just enough to propel you into your day.  If you end up having a really awful day, at least you can come home to a nicely made bed that you can crawl into.

This train of thought is similar to the theory established by FLY Lady Marla Cilley, an American author and advocate of less clutter in the home as a way of reducing anxiety.  Her theory is that the key to happiness is a shiny sink.  If your sink is clean and sparkling, it’s the first start to keeping the rest of your home clean as well.

Making the bed sets the mood

If your bedroom is tidy then making the bed ties it all together.  If your bedroom is chaotic and cluttered, then you can at least tame the disorder a little bit by straightening up the bed.  We won’t go so far as to suggest that a messy bed is a reflection of your personality but if want to be more in control of your life, maybe start with your bed.

Sleep better at night

The appearance and order of your bedroom aside, think of how calming the appearance of a made bed can be.  This is just one variable as you start a bedroom routine, which includes dimming the lights, drawing the curtains, turning off screens – all habits which can contribute to a better night’s sleep.

Keeping it clean

Between pets on the bed and dust and pollen coming in through open windows, pulling the covers over your sheets will keep allergens off your sheets. And as a side note – remember to wash your sheets every week.  We all can’t be Oprah, who reportedly likes her sheets changed every day.

Make yourself happy

It’s only a theory, but making your bed could possibly give you the encouragement you need to get on with your day.  It’s a morning ritual than can take as little as 30 seconds to do that might just be the momentum you need to clean off the top of your dresser.  Its one little thing you can do to improve your surroundings and perhaps precipitate positive change in your life.

What are you waiting for

No doubt you have a number of highly plausible excuses justifying your lack of attention to your bed.  It’s a waste of time – I’m just going to get into it later.  I sweat a lot – I want the sheets to dry out.  I hate doing it – I can just shut the door and no one will see it.   What's yours?

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