Do You Need Extra Storage Space? Try a New Portable Closet Concept

Posted by Justin Havre. on Monday, June 2nd, 2014 at 8:01am.

As your family expands and your home remains the same size, it's time to look for new and innovative storage solutions. Sometimes it's just a matter of adding bins and organizers to keep the clutter at bay. Other times, storage space needs to be created in parts of your home.

There's a new multi-purpose shelving and storage system available that will work in just about any size of home. Whether you are cramped in an apartment or a condo that doesn't have a lot of room or live in a huge luxury home that is limited in storage space in certain rooms, this may work perfectly for you.

Cabidor is an award-winning and creative storage solution that attaches to door hinges. It instantly turns the unused space behind a door into a useful portable closet.

The design incorporates a system that uses retention rods and adjustable shelving. This way, any homeowner is able to customize their storage needs behind any door of the house. The extra storage space can be used to store cleaning supplies, laundry materials, bathroom supplies, beauty products and much more. The storage capacity is greater than what you would expect to have with 5 medicine cabinets.

With this award-winning design, you’ll be able to open and shut the doors easily. If you've tried other racks or hooks that you can hang over the door, you may have noticed that they can impede the closing of the door and can be noisy as well.

Not so with this patented design. It's easy to install, has received rave reviews from users and seems to be a winner for people that are desperate for extra storage space but don't have a clue where to find it in their homes.

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