Increase Desirability: 5 Curb Appeal Tips for Home Sellers

Posted by Justin Havre on Tuesday, September 4th, 2018 at 8:16am.

Ways to Boost Curb Appeal Before Listing a HomeIn today's tech-based society, a large number of potential home buyers begin their ‘shopping' experience online perusing MLS database to see what's out there before scheduling a showing. The first photo on the listing should be a photo of the front of the home from a curb-side view, which means that boosting curb appeal should be a priority. After all, surveys report at more than 60 percent of buyers only plan to tour homes they found appealing online. Here are six curb appeal tips for sellers.

1. Step Into the Buyer's Shoes

Step out onto the curb and take a long hard look at the exterior of the Chaparral home as a buyer would (and will be doing online). Does everything in sight look attractive, clean and appealing? Chances are, there will be a few things that could use some improvement, repairs or cleaning. Make a note of these, and explore the costs of performing these tasks versus the potential return on investment. However, keep in mind that the first impression a buyer has will be the exterior and decide whether you can afford NOT to invest in particular projects.

2. Pressure Washing is a Win-Win

One of the simplest and most cost-effective home selling tactics concerning sprucing up a home's exterior is to give it a good pressure washing. An easy DIY project or affordable one for a pro, the home will look fresher, cleaner and it gives sellers a chance to truly evaluate the condition of their siding, exterior paint and other factors that effect curb appeal.

3. Exterior Paint—Solid ROI and Top Booster of Curb Appeal

After pressure washing there may be signs of worn, faded or chipped paint. Take this opportunity to increase home value with exterior paint. Consider highlighting special home features like specialty trim or shutters and other unusual details with a contrasting paint scheme. Sellers can even use colour to create an illusion of a larger or smaller home. Home sellers will do themselves and the environment a favour by making sure that they—or their professional home improvement contractor—utilizes Low or VOC-free painting supplies. If the home is older, be sure that the paint currently on the home isn't lead based, as this will require special removal tactics for safety reasons.

4. Improve Landscaping

Sellers with trees, shrubs and foliage beds in place will want to trim, prune, mulch and renew beds (and surrounds) if needed. Before photos for selling purposes are taken might be worth investing in a professional landscape service. However, those with little to no landscaping currently might consider creating an ‘instant garden' with planter boxes and container plants that can add greater dynamics to the home's frontal view.

5. Look Up… How Appealing is the Roofing System?

Homebuyers are highly concerned about the look and integrity of roofing. Boost curb appeal tremendously by making certain to remedy any roofing stains, replace warped materials and repair leaks. If the damage is widespread, consider a roofing replacement proactively prior to listing the home. After all, buyers may walk away due to the aggravation and expense of roofing replacements or request a buyer's contingency to cover such costs.

Home sellers should consult with a professional in the real estate service locally to receive experienced advice concerning more ways to boost curb appeal. These individuals know and understand the local markets and which repairs and home improvements get sellers the most bang for their buck and increase the speed of buyer interest.

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