Creating an Instant Office Using Closet Space

Posted by Justin Havre. on Thursday, April 10th, 2014 at 8:01am.

If you find that your closet isn't working as well as you’d like anymore, you may want to consider converting this space into a small office workspace. With a little ingenuity, you could purchase a small desk that could fit into the closet and have an office chair right outside the door. Your other option is to look for an adjustable chair that will slide perfectly underneath the desk when it's not being used.

It usually doesn't take long for a desk to get disordered and with this type of setup you’d have an instant solution. Simply shut the closet doors to hide the mess or hang up a set of curtains that match the rest of the bedroom decor on the door frame.

If you do have the door in your closet, this can be used for additional storage solutions. Cut up some cork and pegboard and frame them with wood. Screw them into the door and there you have it - an instant message board and a place to hang office stationery items such as rulers, scissors, and much more!

Add some shelves to the back of the closet above the desk and invest in some small boxes or baskets as storage accessories. Invest in a high quality office lamp that can be placed on the desk or can be attached to the wall. To give your new office space a homey look you can paint the closet, add some wallpaper to it and put down a small area rug to keep your feet toasty warm.

If your closet area isn't really serving much of a purpose anymore, you may want to consider changing it into a small office space. This can be done with small closets or the plans can be scaled up to work with a large walk-in closet.

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