Calgary's Coolest TV Weather Presenters

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Weather forecasters in CalgaryAlmost nothing on TV is as important to Calgarians as the weather. It goes along with that well-worn adage of which we never seem to tire – if you don't like the weather, just wait 15 minutes. So, our TV weather presenters are like personal friends of ours. We look to them for advice – how to prepare for the day, when to plant our gardens, change our snow tires and when will the current conditions outside change. They're important to us.

Here's a look at the weather specialists and meteorologists that we've either come to trust or be highly skeptical of.

Global TV Calgary

Calgarians wake up to Jordan Witzel's weather reports, something he has admitted are challenging to keep up with after growing up in British Columbia where weather is dreary but consistently so. He has an impressive amount of education, with a Master of Science degree in Applied Meteorology and a Bachelor of Science degree in Operational Meteorology. He is married with two young boys and loves camping on the weekend. When camping in 2015 near Rock Creek, B.C. he was caught in a forest fire and evacuated to safety – it made for a disrupted holiday but compelling television as he reported via cellphone to the Global viewers. Witzel is young, a little dashing and has a great sense of humour which makes him ideal for a morning news program.

Paul Dunphy is Global's elder weatherman and anchors the evening weather weekdays. Dunphy was on CFAC Radio prior to switching over to television in 1985 and is endorsed by the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society. He was born and raised in Calgary and has four children. He loves to travel and work out, and weekends in the winter you'll find him skiing in the mountains or working in the Tae Kwon Do gym. As a philanthropist, he supports the Calgary Humane Society, the Alberta Institute of Wildlife Conservation and Vecova Centre for Disability Services and Research. His calling card on television is a smooth and professional delivery.

Weekend weather is delivered by Jodi Hughes, a third generation Calgarian who grew up watching her father Jim do the weather. She worked in radio for many years prior to leaping into television in 2010. She has a sweet, folksy delivery and viewers love her girl-next-door presence on TV.

Part of the Global News Team is Gemma Lynne Stroobant who handles the weekend weather on Global Calgary's Weekend Morning News. She received an Honours Diploma from SAIT in broadcast news. In 2007, she was the first helicopter traffic reporter for Global. She spends her time off the air backstage as a producer and guest consultant. She became an official employee of the Global Television team in 2009, and is a native of Alberta. While she has lived in a variety of places, she is not happily settled with her family in Calgary. She enjoys working out, eating healthy, and enjoys finding great places to go out to eat in the Calgary area.

CTV Calgary

This station dominated the ratings but now take a backseat to Global. Yet, everyone knows their key weather personality, David Spence who has graced the Calgary airwaves since 1981. He has been on both radio and television for more than 35 years in our city and is noted for his friendly delivery and quirky sense of humour. He is a graduate of the Meteorology Program at Mississippi State University and has been all kinds of weather through out his career which gives him an enormous amount of credibility with Calgary viewers. His signature moustache, which even his wife of nearly 25 years had never seen him without, was shaved off on live television in November 205 to raise funds for prostate cancer awareness during Mowvember.

A new addition to CTV Calgary's weather specialist line up is Kevin Stanfield, who says he was "discovered" while working at Michael's on the public-address system. A native of Whitby, Ontario, he worked in Ontario and B.C. doing traffic reports and hockey play-by-play before trying his hand at weather in Saskatoon. He's found a home in Calgary and will be joining Spence in talking to Calgary Grade 5 students as part of the "Weather in the Classroom "community outreach with CTV.

CITY Calgary

Andrew Schultz is part of the Breakfast Television team at CITY Calgary. His talents were discovered early, while he was studying broadcasting at Mount Royal University. He worked part-time as a production assistant until after graduation when he moved over full time to the program he was working on – The Movie Show. He loved live television and has that innate ability to think on his feet in his role on Breakfast Television every weekday. In addition to reporting the weather, you'll see Schultz using his expert interviewing skills to interview local Calgarians on 7 Ave SW outside the CITY Studios. His boyish charm has won viewers over for nearly 20 years.

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