Calgary Is the Small Business Leader in Canada

Posted by Justin Havre. on Thursday, September 18th, 2014 at 8:01am.

When it comes to small businesses, Calgary can be considered the capital of this country. In 2013, this city had the highest amount of small businesses on a per capita basis. The Calgary Chamber of Commerce recognizes that these businesses help make Calgary what it is today and will recognize them at an upcoming event called Small Business Week 2014.

This event will run from October 19 to October 25 and part of the highlight will be the announcement of the winner of the Small Business of the Year Award. A special presentation will be held to honour the finalists and the winners will be announced on October 23. The finalists in the five categories are as follows:

Community Impact - Espy Experience Inc., Antosz Orthodontics,  Mark Staffing Solutions Inc., Sponsor Energy Inc., Mealshare Aid Society

Breakout Business - Integrated Sustainability Consultants Ltd., Fiasco Artisan Gelato, RefineCo Inc., Leela Eco Spa & Studio, ZGm Collaborative Marketing.

Environmental Stewardship - Do It Green, Conscious Brands, Leela Eco Spa & Studio, Green Event Services, SkyFire Energy Inc.

Innovation - Splice Software, Code Expert, The Mentor Group Inc., Vets to Go Inc., Veterinary Simulator Industries Ltd.

Customer Service - Outright Entertainment Inc., Aaron Machine Shop Ltd.,  Sleep Rover Ltd., Ski Cellar Snowboard, The Brow Studio.

Calgary Economic Development research shows that 95% of the businesses here in Calgary are small with 49 employees or less. Technical, scientific and professional services make up 24.5% of the small businesses, construction makes up 12.7% while retail trade makes up 8.8%.

There are currently about 54,586 businesses operating in Calgary and with 95% of them considered small, they are definitely creating a huge impact on this city. On a per capita basis, these businesses number 40 for a population of 1000 according to figures by Calgary Economic Development. If you want to vote for your favorite business for this year's award, you can vote online at up until October 15, 2014.

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