Calgary Is an Affordable Option for Expats

Posted by Justin Havre. on Monday, July 14th, 2014 at 8:01am.

An interesting new study has been conducted about expatriates and the cost of living for them in different cities across the globe. This study is done annually and it takes a look at the cost of living for expats that settle down in certain areas. It does not take city residents into account and focuses only on expatriates.

The survey was done by Mercer, a well-known company that offers financial services. In the report, Calgary could be found fourth on the list for being the most expensive city in Canada for expatriates to live in. The first three cities appearing on the list were Vancouver, Toronto and then Montréal.

This survey takes a look at the prices of more than 200 items that relate to the cost of living that include food, transportation, housing costs, entertainment, clothing, household goods etc.

The list includes 211 cities worldwide. In comparison to many of the other urban centers on the list, especially the capitals in Western European countries, the Canadian cities did very well. Calgary ended up being 125 on the list overall. Vancouver was ranked at 96, Toronto at 101 and Montréal at 123.

The Canadian cities went down lower on the list this year due to the general slow inflation rate in this country and the Canadian dollar, which has been weakening recently.

As far as housing goes, the Calgary numbers for expatriate housing remained stable. The housing markets in the survey included family homes and apartments that would be occupied anywhere from 2 to 4 years. As well, extended-stay hotel rooms that an ex-pat would live in for approximately 6 months were included in the survey.

Calgary remains an attractive option for multi-national companies and as a result, more and more expats continue to migrate into the city. It also remains an affordable option when compared to other major Canadian centres and many big cities around the world.

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