Calgary Bus and Train Schedules Have Been Extended for New Year's Eve

Posted by Justin Havre. on Wednesday, December 31st, 2014 at 10:48am.

On New Year's Eve, Calgary Transit will be placing special signs at bus stops offering late-night hours. Some buses and the CTrain will be running until 3 AM tonight. These extended hours are longer than they have been in the past and to compensate for the costs you'll need to pay to use the public transit system this year.

In the past, free rides have been offered on Calgary Transit lines on New Year's Eve but the service stopped before 2 AM. A lot of people aren't leaving the bars yet and are waiting for last call at 3 AM. This year, the buses will be running later to accommodate everyone that wants to make the party last as long as possible tonight.

It's going to cost $100,000 to extend the service this year and the paid fares will help to recoup these costs. There will be 15 3-car CTrains and 39 buses on the roads for the extra hour and transit passes for December will still be valid into the late-night hours.

It's extremely difficult to find a cab on New Year's Eve and a lot of people in the past have complained about the public transit shutting down at 2 AM. With the buses and CTrains operating later, many people will be able to make their way home after a long evening out without a problem. It's hoped that extending the hours will also help to cut down on the number of drunk drivers.

This evening’s transit runs will be considered as a pilot project and depending on how it goes the extended hours may be offered in the future. CTrains tonight will be running every 15 minutes from the downtown core and the last train will leave the downtown area at 3 AM. The last trip for the designated buses from downtown will also occur at 3 AM.

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