Brewery Spotlight: Minhas Brewery

Posted by Justin Havre on Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014 at 11:39am.

BeerMinhas Brewery happens to be the 10th largest brewery in the North American Region. This brewery produces premium craft beers, and some of the ingredients are produced right in Alberta. These drafts include Boxer Lager, Mountain Crest and Ravinder Minhas.

Minhas is a co-founder of Mountain Crest Liquors along with his sister, Manjit,. They started the company in 1999 at ages 18 and 19. They were raised in a family where their parents owned a number of liquor stores.

The start of their business was rocky, as they were denied a small business loan from the bank because neither of them had assets or experience. But the duo didn’t let this stop them, Manjit sold her vehicle to get the money they needed to start their business. With this, they started buying bulk spirits, and they eventually started a distillery in Winsconsin. Once they started their distillery, they bottled their own brews.

They added Mountain Crest Brewing Company to their business in 2002. This lead to them purchasing another brewery in 2006, which they called the Minhas Craft Brewery. It was located in Wisconsin and happen to be the second oldest brewery in America.

With the starting of Minhas Craft Brewery, they realized that craft beer was more popular than the discounted beer that they were offering. In 2012, they opened Minhas Micro Brewery in Calgary. This opened a whole new world to their business, as this location offers daily brewery tours, beer tastings and a pizza shop.

At this time, Minhas offers 110 different beers, which includes 30 limited editions. These limited editions include seasonal flavors like hazelnut dark and chocolate cherry stout. Their brewery has the ability to produce 200 bottles a minute.

What was once a dream, became a reality with a little hard work, and a lot of determination.

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