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March 1, 2022

Team Leader Justin Havre Accepts Six Honours for Outstanding Large Team Real Estate Performance in Canada and Worldwide at RE/MAX R4 Global Conference in Las Vegas

Justin Havre Wins Lifetime Achievement Award

CALGARY, AB – Calgary’s Justin Havre & Associates (JH&A) has received six Awards at the 2022 RE/MAX R4 Conference in Las Vegas this week. The RE/MAX First company was named Canada’s #1 Large Team for Closed Transactions in 2021. This is the fourth straight year — and fifth time in seven years — JH&A has led RE/MAX in Canadian real estate sales.

Team Leader Justin Havre was also recognized with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his leadership in the Calgary real estate market and the team as the #1 Donator in Canada to Children’s Miracle Network

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February 9, 2022

Giving Back with Gratitude: The Justin Havre & Associates Team of Justin Havre, Kait Morris & Glenn McCormick presents a cheque for $141,000 to Children’s Miracle Network’s Liz Ballendine & Meghan Kociuba for Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Justin Havre and Associates Donates a Cheque for $141,000 to Children's Miracle Network

Photo Credit: Brent Taylor


Justin Havre & Associates Boosts Critical Work of Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation,
Legacy Place Society and Calgary Children’s Foundation

CALGARY, AB –Justin Havre & Associates, RE/MAX First’s #1 real estate team in Canada for the last four years in closed transactions, has donated $295,000 to Calgary partner

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What was the real estate market in Calgary, Alberta like for June and July?The property market trends in Calgary are heading in a more balanced direction of late, with prices beginning to stabilize after new housing trends surged property values at the start of the year.

According to the Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB), the average price of homes in Calgary sat at $460,100 at the close of July—a figure only a little higher than June but still 10% higher than July 2020. Detached homes have seen the most significant growth, sitting at 11% higher year-on-year.

In total, the city of Calgary saw 2,319 property sales closed, which is higher than the average long-term figures and is also the highest recorded sales ever for July.

The growth in sales figures has slowed somewhat in the last few months, as has the number of

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5 Tips to Make Moving EasyLet's face it, the stress of selling a home and moving can weigh anyone down. But with a bit of planning and a few helpful tips, you can minimize the hassle. Or, best-case scenario, avoid it entirely.

In this post, we'll list some of the most common moving mistakes people make and arm you with tried-and-true moving advice. With these moving hacks, you can spend less time worrying about the logistics of getting from point A to point B and more time enjoying the new digs. Keep reading to become an expert at moving.

Mistake #1: Diving In Without a Plan

Like any large project, making a moving itinerary and checklist will make the process more manageable in the short term and the long run. If you take the time to make a list of the tasks you need

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How to Manage Stress When Selling a HomeSelling a home can be stressful from start to finish. There's so much riding on a home sale that many homeowners spend the time selling their home sitting "on pins and needles," as they say. It's hard not to worry. From the moment that a home is put up for sale, homeowners must ask themselves: what will we do if the home doesn't sell for enough money? What if it takes too long to sell? These questions and concerns are valid. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to make the home selling process go more smoothly.

If you're a homeowner who would like to sell your home sometime in the coming months, you can make the process easier on yourself by working with a professional real estate agent. Below, we've listed the top 10 stressors that

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How to Find Profitable Real Estate Investment OppurtunitiesThere are many online real estate platforms where you can find properties for sale. However, these platforms aren’t enough. You must ensure you’re putting your hard-earned money into the right property.

When investing as a buyer, you need to make sure the property will be profitable. One that generates enough rental income to settle the property expenses and leave you with a handsome gain. While going through hundreds of property listings, identifying the profitable one can be gruelling, but you don’t have to lose your sleep over this process.

We’ve created this essential guide to help you identify a profitable investment property so you can succeed in your investing journey. Keep reading to find out how to spot lucrative investment

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Buying Bedding For Your Home in CalgaryAre you ready to improve your bedroom or perhaps you need bedding for your Airbnb's interior design? From new sheets to bedspreads, Calgary retailers have a lot of great options. For a place you spend a third of your day in, it's important that it's comfortable and fits your personality. Here are the best local retailers for fine bedding in Calgary. If you need to clean your mattress, read this great guide about mattress cleaning here.

Sleep Boutique - Suite 160, 5423 61 Ave S.E.

Do you need a higher-quality custom or oversized mattress? This Calgary-based mattress manufacturer handles all sizes and styles, and sells directly to consumers. They offer custom mattress options to help with sleep issues, back/shoulder pain and with a vast array of

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How to Design a Home TheatreA home theatre has quickly become a must-have for practically every family. From the simple family room setup to a much more elaborate theatre-seating wonder, today's home theatres aren't just for the wealthy anymore.

The décor of a home theatre will eventually influence how well the room functions as an entertainment space as well as how it shows when the lights are turned on. Creating a functional and beautiful home theatre is easy to do on any budget. Here are some ideas for creating a home theatre for all to enjoy.

Arranging and Furnishing the Theatre Room

Start by arranging the space. Choose an easy-to-clean surface or a dark colour carpet for the flooring, and select a dark colour for the walls and ceiling.

A home theatre would not be

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Creative Ways to Sell Vacant LandLand can be challenging to sell. Naturally, there is a small pool of buyers in search of vacant land and lots for sale, but it’s not close to the demand for residential and commercial real estate. Also, depending on where the land is located, there may be limited demand for real estate. Because of this, landowners are forced to get creative.​

If you’re wondering how to sell vacant land, this guide will provide actionable tips to help you complete the process. As remote and unappealing as certain pieces of land can seem to buyers, these strategies will help you generate more interest. “There is someone out there for everyone.” The same goes for buyers and land.

Keep reading to learn about several creative ways to sell your vacant land with ease.

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Best Home Improvements for Gen Z HomebuyersIt would be nice to have a crystal ball that reveals what the next generation of homebuyers might favour. Fortunately, we don't need a magical vision to predict what future shoppers prefer.

While millennials account for the most significant percentage of homebuyers, some post-millennials are already buying their first homes. As a result, we can make strategic decisions about upgrades that appeal to the next cohort of shoppers.

Generation Zers—aka zoomers—were born between 1997 and 2012. Their interests are very similar to millennials. However, this generation has unique characteristics that can help us make intelligent remodelling decisions.

If we consider what zoomers want, we can plan for the things future buyers care about the most. So

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