Are You Looking for Some Family Fun This Weekend?

Posted by Justin Havre. on Friday, June 6th, 2014 at 8:01am.

If you are planning to head out for the weekend, you may want to check out the Odysseo by Cavalia event that's taking place in Calgary this weekend. The show started back in April but it will be winding up on June 22. It's a spectacular event that has been receiving rave reviews and is suitable for all members of the family.

It's a 6-dimensional show that's completely unique. You'll be taken to a movie studio that that's much like the ones you'd find in Hollywood and see touching interactions between man and horse.

This is the only 6 dimensional show in the world. You'll be mesmerized by the state-of-the-art scenery, aerial stunts and gravity-defying acrobatics moves. To further enhance the experience, computer graphic images in high-definition will transport you across the most beautiful landscapes in the world.

It all takes place in the world's biggest touring tent at Canada Olympic Park. Normand Latourelle was the creator of this equestrian show and it's amazing to see. The graphic backdrops that are in 3-D are projected on a huge cyclorama that is as big as 3 IMAX screens and there are 18 projectors used simultaneously to create the effects.

The tickets range in price from $40 to $140 for general admission. There are also VIP packages that run from $120 to $240.

With the VIP packages you'll be provided with access to a private lounge that you can go to before and after the show and during the intermission. You'll also be able to enjoy center row seats, wine and beer, a buffet with complementary food, a dessert buffet, a stable tour following the show and an Odysseo souvenir. Tickets can be purchased online at

If you can't go this weekend, make sure that you get there soon. The show is only here until June 22 before making its way to Edmonton. According to reviews from the Calgary Herald, the Calgary Sun, 101.5 Kool FM, CTV Calgary, Breakfast Television CITY TV and other media outlets, this is a must-see show that will amaze you and your family. You can see the incredible reviews at and you can also learn more about the production at this site.

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