Are Stackable Residences the Next Housing Trend?

Posted by Justin Havre. on Monday, November 9th, 2015 at 8:58am.

Global Petroleum Show 2012 Calgary - Image Credit:

An exhibit found at the Calgary Global Petroleum may indicate the future of housing in Calgary and other areas of the world. It shows a series of stackable residential units, which are fixed together. These residences provide the ability for quick-build steel structures for work camps.

As an alternative to cramped trailers and portable toilets, the stackable units are already being considered for by many companies. However, will they become the model that spurs new growth in larger cities with stackable residences taking over the market?

Even though the original units are quite modest, it's easy to see the versatility of these stackable unites. It wouldn't be difficult to make these units more luxurious. They have also been cited as a very efficient living format because they can be utilized far and wide. Here are a few reasons these units could be the next big housing trend.


Each unit can easily be customized with sleek features and luxurious amenities. Since the buildings can reach up to eight stories high, it's easy to create new shapes and styles.

No Shortcuts Needed

Since these are complete homes with two full bedrooms and two full bathrooms, there's no need for shortcuts. The units are finished with contemporary furniture and provide around 900 square feet of space. They even have ensuite laundry. Compared to the most sought-after condos in Calgary, these homes are just as complete, if not more.


The major reason these stackable residences could become a major housing trend is the efficiency of the design. They can be assembled very quickly. The estimation is between six and eight weeks, which makes them much faster than building an eight-story condo building.

Maybe the stackable residences won't be a huge trend, but there is possibility with these units. They could make it easier to replace building downtown and put up residential units very fast.

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