6 Hot Home Trends for 2017

Posted by Justin Havre. on Monday, January 16th, 2017 at 1:57pm.


What has stopped you from redecorating or renovating in year’s past?  Too much work?  Too difficult to decide what theme to adopt?  Well say thank you to 2017 because the overarching theme this year in Calgary homes can be boiled down to one word.  Simplicity.

Less is more is the catch phrase designers are using.  Clearing out clutter has in year’s past been something you do to feel better and unburdened.  Now, getting rid of clutter is a style trend.

Heavier décor and dark colours are out.  Industrial accents, clean lines and walls that are almost bare are what’s in.  Buzz words for 2017 include “natural” and “neutral”.

Hot Trends in Textures

In keeping with the natural theme, materials are organic in nature.  Natural fibre carpets, wall coverings, headboards in the bedrooms are where it's at.  Natural materials you might like to incorporate are wool, rattan, types of linen and in the kitchen and bath that would be marble or other elements that provide texture and depth to your room.  That include reclaimed wood (as long as it’s sourced legally and ethically).

Think linen lampshades, real stone facing on fireplaces and jute throw rugs. (Jute is a course thread derived from vegetable fibres.

Grey Continues as a Great Neutral

Still great in interior design, grey continues its reign as the new beige and will appear this year on cabinets and furniture pieces.  It’s been a popular wall colour.  It works well in Calgary with our 300-plus days of annual sunshine and contrary to some observations, grey is not always depressing or should be avoided in a climate known for constant cloudiness.   You can provide accents with a punch of colour in a room painted grey, such as a lime green chairs or a wonderful purple lamp.  Cream is another popular wall colour especially with those green accents.  Greenery is Pantone’s 2017 colour of the year which ties into the nature theme.  It blends harmoniously with natural fibres such as linen or tan-coloured leather furniture.

Mix Up Your Materials

If there were any rules about using textures or types of finish throughout a room, they are out the window.  In 2017 it is A-O-K to mix up your materials and still get a cohesive, meant-to-be look.  For example, if a light fixture was made of oiled bronze, once upon a time you needed to repeat that finish throughout the room.  You can mix it up now, including on large expanses of countertop.  Kitchen islands get bigger and bigger every year and you can break up that vast expanse of quartz or granite with other materials.  Wood in one area for a butcher-block effect would be an example of mixing it up.

Gold is King

We saw gold in the 1970s.  On wallpaper, on sofa fabric, in shag carpet.  The 2017 version of gold is a subtler hue; not as brassy, used as an accent in picture frames, knobs and lamps.  It adds instant warmth to a room especially if it’s not the 70s-lacquered gold tone but more antique inspired.

Simple Flooring

Tiles are still the rage especially in 2017 when technology is allowing manufacturers to mass produce floor tiles that look like they were derived from natural materials, including wood. Tiles that look like hardwood are cost effective.  To lay them doesn’t involve grout and they're durable enough for pets and kids.

Simple Yet Smart Technology

A home in 2017 that’s on-trend has to have a technical touch to make our lives as simple as our surroundings.  Designers are incorporating technology into homes as we go along.  Smart technology improves every day.  With our phones, we can change the temperature on our heated floors.  We can turn on the vacuum robot and adjust the humidity controls in the bathroom automatically turning on the exhaust fan if required.  Every day there’s something new.  If wireless Bluetooth technology is still years away on your list of must-haves, you can still have simple-tech in the form of a touchless faucet, so useful in the kitchen and touchless flush toilets.


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