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Have you had the chance to see bamboo flooring and take a good look at it? It's an environmentally friendly type of flooring that is becoming more popular as each day passes. If you haven't yet had the chance to see it either in person or in pictures, it's probably not what you're imagining. The flooring is not at all like the course bamboo that you see being used to manufacture furniture or wall hangings. This kind of flooring is made from ground bamboo and it's available in a variety of different finishes and designs.

The advantages of bamboo floors

If you have remodelling on your mind, here are some of the biggest advantages of choosing a bamboo floor.

Environmentally friendly

1. Bamboo is grass and grows quickly. When you use this type of

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Finding the right place to workout, enjoy time with the family and get the kids involved in activities isn't always easy. Of course, the YMCA provides a great way to get your students involved in summer activities, along with many other benefits for adults. Calgary is home to four YMCA locations and they all provide plenty of great activities for the entire family.

Each of the locations has at least one gym and swimming pool. There are plenty of summer programs for the kids, workout rooms for adults, exercise classes, swimming lessons, camps and more. Whether you're looking for sports leagues, a place to swim with the family or you want to take advantage of the workout facility, the YMCA is a good choice.

All locations offer the following services:

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    When looking at a new neighbourhood and figuring out if it's the right one for you, there are many things to look at, such as the proximity to restaurants, grocery stores and parks. You may also consider the curb appeal, how walkable the area is and the access to the transit system. Looking at these things, along with what the locals think, here are the best future neighbourhoods in Calgary.

    Mission's 4th Street

    With streetscapes including plenty of public art, outdoor pub seating, large sidewalks, excellent lighting, benches and plenty of trees, this neighbourhood has plans to become one of the best in the area. The plans include making is more walkable and making it easy for pedestrians to get from one place to another.

    Land found throughout the

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    You've done a great job raising your children and when they all reached adulthood they spread their wings and took off towards greener pastures. Then, one day, the phone rings and your son tells you that he can no longer afford to live on his own and asks if he can move back in. You don't want to say no but at the same time you don't want to say yes either!

    It's a situation that's happening over and over across the country as young adults try to find their way as they struggle with economic hardships. It's common for a teenager to move out and head off to college or university in another city only to move back when he finds out how difficult it really is surviving on his own.

    According to experts, taking your adult child back into the home can cost

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