March 2013

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It's time to move out and move on with your life and before you start your house shopping it's important to get your financial picture straightened out first. When you know exactly what you're dealing with financially it makes it a lot easier to do the house shopping without having any doubts on your mind about your savings and ability to pay the mortgage every month.

If you're a budget-minded person that is good with money and knows where every penny goes, you're probably thinking right now that this is a basic fundamental that everybody would be aware of. Unfortunately, if you are one of these people, you are actually one of the few that is on top of their finances. Most people aren't able to handle money properly, stick to a budget or even know how

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Suburbia was all the rage here in Calgary in the not so distant past but now the inner city reach for real estate is turning up the heat. Right now there are signs of shifting as the inner city becomes an explosive area for housing.

Becky Walters, Calgary Real Estate Board President, says that people are looking for the communities within the inner city to cut down on travel time. Instead of spending their valuable time on the transit system they're turning to the neighborhoods right inside the city for real estate.

The largest increases in average house prices between 2000 - 2012 were within the downtown core and areas surrounding it. There were 10 communities showing large increases with prices rising 205% up to 260% in these 12 years. According to

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As you've no doubt aware Calgary is one of the economic powerhouses in North America, thanks in no small part to the massive amounts of oil trapped in the oil sands in Alberta. In fact it's estimated that there are over 1 trillion barrels of oil trapped in these sands leaving Alberta second only to Saudi Arabia in terms of oil reserves. From a business, or potential business, owner point of view this means that opening an office here means that you can piggyback on the back of our economic success.

The reasons to set up a business in our city go beyond the fact that we're a really oil-rich part of the world though. If you look at the number of people migrating to Calgary from across North America and from elsewhere in the world you'll see that our

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